Future School of Hospital Management celebrates Goodbye Depression Good Health Festival 2018

Future School of Hospital Management organised the ‘Good Health Festival’ on 23rd of February. The festival exclusively highlighted the theme of ‘Hope…..Good Bye Depression’. The ‘Good Health Festival’ shed light on the various facets of depression and suggested ways to overcome it.

The Festival boasted of two panel discussions on ‘Patient Centric Hospital Ecosystem’and ‘Depression across age groups’. The first panel discussion was chaired by eminent doctors of the city, notably Dr. Pradip Mitra – Officer on Special Duty,Multi/Superspecialty Hospitals, Sastha Bhawan , Dr. Chanchal Goswami – Medical Director Future Oncology Hospital , Mr. Rupak Barua – CEO MRI Hospitals Ltd.

The second panel discussion was chaired by Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram – Psychiatrist and the Co-Founder of Mental Health Hospital (IMF) and Dr. Suvarna Sen- Consulting Psychologist and sports psychologist Dr. Anusheela Brahmachary.

Speaking at the event Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram said, “Like happiness, depression is a part of life. Sadness, anger and ecstasy are emotions which we have to gracefully accept as part of our life. Suffering from depression does not mean one is weak, we should not be prejudiced against people suffering from depression. Depression can be a disease and can be measured to a certain extent but not wholly which is a problem with depression. My message to all the future healthcare trainees are that you should be empathetic towards patients because more than words human beings remember feelings”.

World renowned spiritual organisation ‘Brahma Kumari’ presided over a session at the festival. The session focused on how human beings can be happy in today’s time. On an average an adult smiles only five times a day where as in case of a child there is no boundaries. We unlearn things as we grow up, our mental strength should be so powerful so that we do not need any reason to be happy. We will be happy if we maintain a powerful self-image and enjoy the work we do.

Dr. Baidyanath Chakraborty, renowned Gynecologist associated with the Institute of Reproductive Medicine was felicitated at the Good Health Festival 2018. He said, “Healthcare has changed by leaps and bounds since 1950. Attitude of healthcare in the 1950’s was very aggressive. Following that the attitude was only to attack and kill because of diseases like small pox, cholera, kala azhar etc. Nowadays doctors have to predict diseases by scrutinizing few markers. We have to advise the patients accordingly and make them understand to take care of their health in today’s lifestyle. I thank all my students and patients for the appreciation they have given me over the years”.

Founder Director of Team Future Dr. Mousumi Ghosh said, “The festival closely introspected depression as a dreaded disease of the 21st century. According to a 2015 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), every hour one student commits suicide in India. A WHO report of 2015 also stated that almost 5 crore Indians are suffering from depression and India is a major contributor to global suicides. Good Health Festival has been a beacon of light for those who are suffering from depression as well as an awareness program for the society.”

The event was followed by the final round of Inter College Poster competition and on ‘depression and stress management’ and prize distribution. A total of 137 posters were submitted and the top 3 were awarded by the judges with awards and certificates. All the participants received participation certificates for their proactive engagement in the health fest.

About Future School of Hospital Management:

Future School of Hospital Management is one of the recent education initiatives under Team Future. The institute was established to equip aspiring healthcare administrators and managers for the emerging career opportunities in healthcare administration and management. The extensive hospital management curriculum, which takes into account student’s specific interests led by a dedicated faculty, who are experts in their chosen fields. The ultimate goal is to create supremely accomplished professionals and executives who advance the industry.

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