Gaane Bondhure Daki, Gaane Premer Chobi Aanki- Special Performance at P C Chandra Gardens by Dohar

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DOHAR, the Bengali word which means Chorus, following a solo lead voice, is a manifestation of the basic spirit, with which the singing group was formed in 1999, to present ‘The songs of the soil’ of Bengal and the North-East. Their mission is to cater the rustic songs of the soil, to the urban and rural mass in its original form and flavour. They are thus the chorus of those illustrious hauls and fakirs of greater Bengal and Northeast. DOHAR is a group of folk musicians of international repute, a platform for cultural personalities, who consider this world as a musical bonanza and intends to energise its inhabitants with the melodious power of folk tunes, especially of greater Bengal as well as the North Eastern States of the Country. In brief, DOHAR is an endless journey of music having strong connections with the root, on one hand and going beyond all boundaries, on the other.

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