Goodricke brings to you Goodricke Baithaki to relive the forgotten moments of life over tea

Festivals have always been about gifting, ‘adda’ over tea and engaging ourselves in creating memories. This year, Goodricke has brought a different Pujo by reliving unforgotten moments through Goodricke Baithaki over music and tea.

The ‘Goodricke Baithaki’, a tea adda session, witnessed eminent singers from the city talk about the precious moments of their lives. These singers hit the perfect cord of nostalgia when Anupam Roy relived his engineering days, Somlata Acharya Chowdhury was nostalgic about her first break and Lagnajita Chakrabarty’s dream of working with Indrajit Dasgupta had come true. The Baithaki warmed up to Upal SenguptaAnindya Chatterjee and Sidhu reminiscing about the good old days of connection between band and Durga Pujo. Over cups of teas and beautiful music these renowned singers, were here at the ‘Goodricke Baithaki’, to relive their long forgotten moments and share the parcels of joy in their life. While they discussed how music had changed their lives, Mir, the acclaimed radio jockey and television anchor steered the conversation around tea, gifting, festivity and nostalgia.

Through this Baithaki, Goodricke aims to highlight the tradition of gifting our loved ones this festive season, since there is nothing more soothing and heart touching than a cup of tea with a nostalgia of old moments. Cherishing this, Goodricke has given the chance to gift our loved ones with these moments, a new moment to relive the old ones, by gifting ‘Goodricke Tea’ from


On this account of tea and moments, Mr. A.N. Singh, the MD & CEO of Goodricke said ‘Goodricke as a company has always wanted to create moments over a tea cup. Our Baithaki is also an effort towards the same. We want people to think of Goodricke tea if they are planning a gift to mark a moment.’


About Goodricke Group

Goodricke Group Limited is a subsidiary of Camellia Plc., U.K. – a global conglomerate with a geographical presence in 4 continents encompassing agriculture, engineering, financial services and food distribution.

India’s largest producer of Darjeeling tea, Goodricke group is well known for its iconic gardens and authenticity of the tea making process. The gardens have several environmental compliances & accreditations, and the manufacturing facilities conform to the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

The company invests heavily in providing facilities to its employees and its initiatives and facilities are considered among the best in the region.

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