Happy birthday to the sparkling star, Sauraseni

By Risha Mondal:- The “Genaration Ami” actress, Sauraseni Maitra turned 23. Being a promising actor, Sauraseni is a model also. In her every film, she did something new. Her acting is full of true emotions and moderate expressions. The young actor used to do a lot of advertisements but now-a-day she is doing lot of good films. Like, Genaration Ami, Ami Ashbo Phire, Finally Bhalobasha, Macher Jhol etc. She worked with great directors like Anjan Dutta, Mainak Bhoumik etc.
This actor cum model did her graduation from Shivnath Shastri College. Once she told that, she get brozoned by guys. But now for sure, many heart is beating for her. Although Sauraseni never went to any acting classes, as she started her career as a model. But now, after all these film offers are coming in, she want to join acting class. When she was asked, who is her 4am friend? She told that, “I have no 4am friends in the industry. My 4am friend is my mother, no one else will listen to my bullshit!”
Well, we wish you all the best for your future and a very very Happy Birthday…

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