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7 Things Every one Should Keep In Mind While Having Sex First Time

1. Answering the basic question: Do you really want to have sex?

You and your partner should be honest about such feelings and discuss thoroughly before jumping to extreme conclusions unprepared. Share your worries, concerns and any question which comes to your mind.

2. Safety precautions

Carry condoms and use them, keep emergency contraceptive pills handy.

3. Know your body

Everyone imagines their first time to be angelic, but it’s going to hurt and it might even bleed a little because your hymen ruptures during the act; you may not even have an orgasm or end up achieving one early (presumably due to a rush of excitement), it is okay!

 4. Sex is messy

When body fluids are exchanged, it can get quite messy. So don’t fret too much about unwanted stains and keep an extra sheet handy.

It’s okay to end up laughing and making a sloppy job during intercourse (nobody is an expert anyway!)

5. Choose a nice place and make sure that you build up the atmosphere slowly

If you are not totally into it, then your body fluids won’t be ejected, making the act painful and rough; which could end up hurting both of you. Orgasm won’t be possible and it’s difficult to force one when you aren’t really interested.

6. Keep conversing through sex

Talk to your partner, it could help with the arousal and both of you could guide each other as you explore each other’s’ body.

7. Use conventional methods (at least for the first time)

You must’ve had fantasies about this since you had your first crush, read amazing excerpts from those steamy novels and seen video-graphic movies; but the actual stuff is actually quiet plain and you should lower your expectations if you really wanna enjoy it. Don’t try to achieve everything at once; even Adam and Eve must’ve had the missionary way first…

Have safe sex; enjoy it as this is going to be an important memory for the rest of your life.

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