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This World Asthma Day know your lung number

Sushmita Sah,Kolkata:-On the World Asthma Day organised on 27April,2017.Breathfree , apublic service initiative by cipla with the support of healthcare professionals organised an awareness on asthma and affects of asthma on lungs.
Asthma and lung function are related to each other, asthma blocks the lungs from moving as much air in and out as they should. And the more serious ypur asthma is the less air your lungs are able to move.
The asthmatic patients who feel breathless should make a point to get their lung capacity check. The checkup helps you “know your lung number” through easy and inexpensive tests like spirometry test or pulmonary test. These tests further helps in early diagnosis of asthma and the right treatment plays a crucial role in patient conditions.
Dr. Pawan Agarwal: snr. Consultant CMRI highlighted that, “we should remember that asthma is a long-term disease that has no cure, but can be controlled well through inhalers. There are many patients who will stop taking inhalers once they feel better. This can be dangerous and effect their breathing and doing daily chores will make them breathless. Patients should consult their doctors and the necessary tests to be taken to keep their lung healthy and fit.
Dr. Sushmita Kundu HOD, Chest R G Kar Medical College, further added the inportance of understanding the need to know your lung number and the importance of inhalation therapy.
Breathefree conducts several activities like camps, clinics, patient screening yatras and on-ground activities.
It also has a unique patient friendly website, to empower patients and their care givers.

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