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Himachal Yatri Gives Value for money by its tour packages

Tourism is an evergreen industry in India and now not only foreign
tourists but Indian tourists too are visiting lots of tourist places.
Similarly lots of tour operators and similarly huge number of
packages are offered. But sometimes tourists don’t get the right
deal and lots of hidden terms and conditions. However among
these lots of travel websites and packages Himachal Yatri stands
out of the rest of service provider. Himachal Yatri provides map of
the location of the hotel which is a trustworthy initiative by the tour
operator that location provided it is absolutely correct. It is also important to note that most of the tour operators cheat
upon tourists by including night journey into the tour plan and
charge them accordingly but facilities are not given. So they save
money by these tricks but HimachalYatri.Com gives value for your
money by not including journey in the night as part of the
package. HimachalYatri.Com will only include hotel
accommodation as part of the package. Actually packages
advertised for 4 nights and two days includes transit time in the
night also into it which is cheating with people. Tour operators
don’t serve anything during the journey and all services starts only
after reaching the destination while they are charged right from
the time go.

Name of the hotel with its location will be provided in its
information. HimachalYatri.Com is developing a cash back offer of
5000 that anyone can avail in 5 visits as per their convenience. It
is transferable also you can give it to anyone to use or you can
use someone else’s. You will get Rs 1000 discount per visit.

“We at HimachalYatri.Com are professionals committed to
provide the best of experiences to travelers to Himachal Pradesh.
Our online portal provides a one-stop solution to your travel
needs. We provide fully integrated travel packages that takes care

of your accommodation, sightseeing, and much more. Another
bonus that you get when you book a package through us is the
entitlement to hefty discounts at restaurants and on various
activities like paragliding, rafting etc. HimachalYatri.Com ensures
that all its customers have a truly enriching and immersive
experience of Himachal Pradesh,” said Sachiin Guptaa, CEO

The motive of Himachal Yatri, provide transparency in package
tours. ‘We try our best to provide a real package not false and we
also provide Google map for better understand the hotel location.
We are designing user friendly app and provide a cash back
offers and also provide a GPS in our app, you see where is
destination and your hotel location,’ added Mr. Sachiin Guptaa.

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