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ibis Music in partnership with global music giant Sony Music

  • Date: 19th July 2019
  • What – ibis Music Gig
  • Where: ibis Kolkata Rajarhat
  • Time: 8 pm onwards
  • Event Details:  ibis Music in partnership with global music giant Sony Music.  ibis Music aims to connect with travellers and local residents using music as the core strategy. The program will provide a platform to new and upcoming artists to showcase their talent and extend a quirky space to music lovers or travellers who enjoy sitting in a relaxed, uplifting atmosphere with some great tunes. Come watch and enjoy an eclectic mix of music with the band M Sonic at ibis Kolkata Rajarhat.   To attend the gig don’t forget to register on  . There is no cost for attending the gig but guests are requested to register themselves for the event. There are 2 packages at the hotel: 

·       Unlimited drinks and food INR 999 plus taxes / per person

·       Unlimited food at INR 699 plus taxes / per person 

Contact no: +91 75960 93767 / +91 75960 93755– 

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