Illegal Weapons Possession Still An Outrageous Crime

By Arisha Dutta, 12th April, 2019:
The Arms Act 1959, consolidat and amend the law relating to Arms and Amunition in order to curb the illegal weapons and violence stemming from them within Indian boundary. But time to time we have witnessed many such cases where the executive department of India’s law acting force took in custody many such criminals who possessed dangerous weapons. One such news was received today at Mullickpur Hospital where a man named Atish Sardar (32 years), S/O Amal Sardar was taken into custody by Baruipur Police force for possessing one improvised 7mm pistol, 3 improvised shooter fire arms, three rounds of .7mm live ammunitions and six rounds of .8mm live ammunitions. The Baruipur Police Station started case over this with No. 811/19 dt. 12/04/19 u/s 25(i) (a)/ 27 arms act

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