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Cart that Art 2.0 – Priceless Art @Artful Prices

By Staff Reporter: ASHOK HARALALKA and 13 other contemporary artists from Kolkata presented, CART THAT ART 2.0 – PRICELESS ART @ ARTFUL PRICES, at ICCR. The exhibition is an eclectic mix of around 75 attractive paintings that represented everything from spirituality to various facades of Kolkata and a plethora of moods and melodies on canvas. This was the exhibition’s second edition.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Cast of Romantic Noy, Sayani Datta, ParthaSarathi along with Director Rajib Chowdhury as well as veteran designer Sharbari Datta. A part of the proceedings from the sashok-harlalka-in-middle-along-with-the-other-painters-and-children-of-little-big-help-at-inauguration-of-cart-that-art-2-0ale at the exhibition will go to the Howrah based NGO, Little Big Help which had 15 children in attendance for the event.

The painters exhibiting in the program include Ashok Haralalka, Kavita Bhuwalka, Madhabi Sarkar, Nidhi Bhadani, Usha Bubna, Anamika Toshniwal, Debarati Roy, Anukta M Ghosh, Indrani Chaudhuri, Sanjeeta Ahmed, Sudha Jhunjhunwala, Sharad Jhunjhunwala, Shubhla Verma and Surabhi Agarwal.

Speaking at the event, artist and curator Ashok Harlalka said, “Since we are back for the second edition, expectations are very high and there is a demand for art as well.” He further added, “The exhibition has been inspired by the onslaught of e-commerce, blending the virtual with the real where the idea is to make affordable art available to collectors and connoisseurs.”

Actress Sayani Datta too was all praise for the exhibits. She said, “The paintings are not garbed in modern jargons. They are aesthetic representations.” Sharbari Datta on her part said, “These paintings surrounding me are  enthralling. They are beautiful representations.”

While all the artists were visibly excited, participating painter Anamika Toshiwala said, “Painting is a passion and I wish everybody comes and boosts our passion by buying the artwork, part of which will also be given to charity.” Another artist Anukta M Ghosh said, “This is a great opportunity to bond with art lovers and exchange their opinions and the sale is but a secondary object.” Painter Usha Bubna also added, “Not only is this a wonderful place to meet and greet other artists but we get to learn so much from each other as well!” Kavita Bhuwalka echoed her thoughts and added, “Each year we grow with the exhibition and hopefully we will keep on growing with it in the future as well.”

The paintings encompass a variety of styles. From representations of old Kolkata in the works of Ashok Harlalka, sone with charcoal and mixed media on canvas, to the representations of the female form in the works of Debarati Roy or the vibrant representations of Surabhi Agarwal in paintings such as Cavallos, the canvasses are replete with deft brush strokes that can leave enthusiasts mesmerised and contemplative.

The exhibition will continue till 13th November 2016, 3pm to 8 pm at ICCR.


About the Artists


Ashok Haralalka

A Computer Engineer by profession and an MBA by education, Haralalka is currently managing retail fashion garments stores by the brand name of Just Casuals. He is a also a professional emcee/anchor, and has been an RJ with Power FM. His affection has been sketching, cartooning and painting since childhood, with a number of cartoons published in The Telegraph and The Times of India. He experiments with the charcoal and brush as well as spatula.


Kavita Bhuwalka

She believes a picture is a poem without words. As a child she has always enjoyed being with her drawing copy and colours, putting down all her thoughts and feelings in a piece of paper. Whenever she sees pieces of art, they motivate her to enhance her passion.


Madhabi Sarkar

Currently living in Calcutta, Sarkar was born in the city of Ranchi and spent her childhood in the picturesque city of Darjeeling which is close to the Indo-Nepal border. She always had a knack for trying something new and innovative. She has mastered the art of acrylic and charcoal-based painting and hope to reach new horizons in the exciting period ahead. She believes in art as a form of expression to express her innermost emotions, feelings, and most complex of things which can perhaps never better be expressed than this beautiful medium.


Nidhi Bhadani

She belongs to a state having breathtaking scenic beauty, fertile valleys and jewel of exquisite beauty – Assam. Painting became her passion with the passing of time. She imagines – “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything”.


Usha Bubna

Her love for life finds expression in her art. She uses acrylic and pastels and gets creative while putting her thoughts on to the canvas be leveraging mediums such as the spatula, fork, fingers or simply sponge. While her art is primarily abstract, her soul becomes meditative in her art. The mysticism and spiritualism of Hinduism and Buddhism find expression through her paintings.

Anamika Toshniwal

Anamika Toshniwal’s passion for art continues to drive her in her quest for art in everyday life, emotions and environment. She is partial to the mundane, the human bonding and the still life – with a dose of realism. She likes to work in a range of medium, viz. oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolour, etc.


Debarati Roy

Every woman has a power… Power of source… Power of creation… Power of energy… It’s called feminism.. For that reason we worship the “Maatri sakti”….. Debarati Roy;s works celebrate the power that is a woman.


Anukta M Ghosh

After a decade long career in the corporate world, Anukta realized that she couldn’t ignore her passion for art any more. Armed with a Certificate of Distinction for Diploma in Fine Arts from London Art College , she has participated in various exhibitions across the country. Her commissioned and non-commissioned works have found patronage far and wide in New Zealand and London apart from buyers across India. Inspired by slice of life, she enjoys experimenting in various mediums and techniques. Styles of figurative, landscape and semi-abstract appeal to her.


Indrani Chaudhuri

Art has always been a constant in Indrani Chaudhuri’s story. With Honours in History from Loreto College , Masters  (Modern history) from Calcutta University, and many years of teaching experience under her belt, Indrani has turned in her textbooks for canvas. Her talent was evident from her student years, when she had painted covers for Amrita Bazar Patrika magazines and now, she has rediscovered her passion for creating artwork – specially drawing inspiration from the female form and has showcased her works in several exhibitions across the city.


Sanjeeta Ahmed

Sanjeeta Ahmed paints….not what she sees but what she feels. Her art is an expression of her visceral response to her experiences. Using varied tones and hues, her creations are often cerebral in their innate compositions.


Sudha Jhunjhunwala

Sitting on an easy chair, listening to the roaring waves , watching d soulful colors of the sky in solace is Art for me. Dreams come to life. That is what the works of Sudha epitomise, a gentle intermingling of what is real and what lies beyond it.


Sharad Jhunjhunwala

A deep desire for a utopian world and a zest for life …. This Fervour finds expression in Sharad’s art… His samskaras come out vividly in his work as he relentlessly attempts and re attempts to paint his own nature


Shubhla Verma

Shubhla Varma’s works are an expression of the extraordinariness in everyday life. Cities, especially Benares, and their dwellers , mythology and women, all inspire her. Having attended corporate workshops, and painted Live at Marathons along with successful Exhibitions , including one at Nehru Centre ,Mumbai, she is looking forward to more creative energy at Cart That Art 2.


Surabhi Agarwal

A self taught artist, art for Surabhi is a way to express her innermost feelings and create poetry on canvas with an aim to transport the onlooker to a meditative trance enabling him/her look deep within for answers. Her art bears intense reflections of her trips around the world. Travel has been one of her greatest teachers. She dexterously infuses Indian aesthetic into contemporary art – her focal point remains texture. As an artist Surabhi uses subtle earthy hues, dexterous strokes, to provide intricate details to the human form and portraits – emphasizing on emotions, light and reflections.

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