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IIT Kharagpur and RMIC join hands to arouse Historical Evolution of India

By Priyanka Guha:– The Science and Heritage initiative (acronym SandHI), a Mega Project initiative of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture (RMIC) has jointly organized an International Seminar cum Exhibition on Historical Evolution of India. A comprehensive and exhaustive assessment of Historic evolution of India is possibly a very important task, which lays ahead for all scholars on Indology and associated areas. It is a necessity for the three following reasons:

The basic idea behind this seminar and exhibition is to bring to light the complete Vedic religious ideals, which are the very foundations of Indian history and this recovery, has to be in its totality covering ranges and levels of her contribution to the world i.e. from the highest spiritual to the lowest material:

  • To clear the doubts and bridge the missing links of Indian historic chronology[1];
  • To recognize the foundations of original Aryan Seer-wisdoms and their relevance and continuity to the present time.
  • To posit Indian historic continuity in right global perspective so that a spirit of confidence in our complete national heritage is augmented.
  • To facilitate the discussion, clues have been drawn from a paramount work entitled ‘Historic Evolution of India’. The seminal work is forwarded first by Swami Vivekananda. The associated work is entitled ‘The Foundations of Indian Culture’, by Sri Aurobindo and others by great luminaries like World Poet Rabindranath Tagore entitled ‘Tapoban’, ‘Bharatbarsha’, ‘Ashramer Rup o Bikash’, and others by Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, and Professor A. L. Basham, Sir Will Durant, Richard Lennoy and many similar luminaries.

Explaining about this endeavor Prof. Joy Sen, Project Head, SandHI said, “To fulfil the great goal tracing and documenting the theme of the Historical Evolution of India and her all-round contribution to humanity. SandHI, a Mega Project initiative of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Gol Park, Kolkata are jointly organizing this seminar. An important highlight of the 3 days event is the two-winged exhibition:

  1. One, an exploration of India’s ancient past inclusive of a whole new interpretation of the Indus Valley Civilization, its seals, its artefacts, its visual semantics and forward it as a matured stage of the Vedic civilization. Much of the Indus Valley symbols, especially the Unicorn Seal, has been highlighted by the exhibition, which is commensurate with the Age of Upanishads, the Gita and Epic Mahabharata and the evolution of Yoga Darshana. The primacy is in North to North west India. Contrastingly, the earlier Vedic Age is commensurate with the Age of Ramayana, the Sages of the Vedas, who are common to both. The locational primacy is East, Central and Southern India in the second case. This is absolutely a new way of interpretation, which the exhibition claims.
  2. Two, the evolution of Modern India – the common journey of Swami Vivekananda and Sir Jamshedji Tata to the west – from Yokohama to Vancouver leading to the first thougt exchanges on India’s modernization and industrialization program. This is followed by the historic exchanges between Swami Vivekananda and Scientists Nikola Tesla, Sir Lord Kelvin, Hermann Helmholtz just aftermath to the City Beautiful Movemet in 1893. It paved the future ways to the interaction between Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and Sir Albert Einstein, initially and Nobel Laureate Quantum Physicist Sir Werner Heisenberg finally. The convergence of Indian Spirituality and modern western Science represents ‘India’s new urges and new impacts in the making’. It has finally led to a very important event by Three renowned scientists K M Chandrasekhar (seated), Dr. Anil Kakodkar and Dr. Robert Aymar unveils an IDOL OF NATARAJ to explain Quantum reality at World’s top Particle Physics Center at CERN, Geneva and the release of two seminal books names ‘The Tao of Physics’  by University of Berkeley Physicist Frtjof capra and ‘the American Veda’ by Philip Goldberg. And there are more, as the exhibition unfolds.


Revered Swamijis of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission order and that of others, along with renowned scholars, experts and frontline research scholars of the SandHI initiative, IIT Kharagpur and others from the IIT system and different Institute will come together and explore the immense richness and significance of the in the contemporary framework of education, awareness, outreach and dissemination, particularly to youngsters.”

Considering a unique spread and depth of Indian history, the contributions range from varied spheres of human thought – from the political to the cultural; the economic to the ecological; and from the material to the spiritual. In this range of things the Indian mind have had ever retained the most important ideal. The ideal is that the material, the political, the social, the cultural and the ecological are only secondary and subordinate to the pinnacle – the very summit of spirituality.

The inaugural session of the seminar was attended by scholars like Sri Sanjeev Sanyal, Renowned Indologist, Writer, and Principal Economic Adviser to Finance Ministry, Government of India; Prof. Ajay K Roy, Director, IIEST Shibpur; Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Director, IIT BHU Varanasi; Srimat Swami Bhajananandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Math Head Quarters, Belur Math; Swami Suparnanandaji, Secretary, Institute of Culture; Prf. Partha P. Chakrabarti, Director and Prof. Sriman Bhattacharya, Deputy Director, IIT Kharagpur and many more dignitaries.

“The key exhibition will continue for a month for the convenience and sustained interest of visitors. Documents of the whole proceedings will be later published in a book form. Participation in the Seminar will as per norms available in the website of RMIC, Gol Park,” Prof. Sen added. Students, youngsters and the fresh minds must come and see the exhibition and enjoy ‘The WONDER THAT IS INDIA’.



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