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Kolkata,By Priyanka Guha: R.K.Group launches Indo Kids International in Kolkata today. The school is located at Elaichi, Narendrapur Kolkata. R.K. group has been a pioneer in the education system for more than 11 years now.   The group will present a chain of schools in India and Abroad.

The school will cater to children from 1.8 years to 18 years of age.  The Kolkata Chapter of Indo Kids International will attract and cater to expatriates in Kolkata and students seeking high quality international education.

Indo Kids International follow the inquiry based learning philosophy where children are actively involved in the learning process, making teaching and learning a collaborative, dynamic and engaging experience.

Mr. R.K Singh, Chairman, Indo Kids International announced the opening of the school where we saw a gathering of thousand of parents with their kids were present. The kids beautifully sing and dance with each and every beat of the music, with perfection.

Mr.R.K Singh, Chairman Indo Kids International said “Indo Kids International has been convinced to meet the highest education expectations of India rapidly growing multinational community. We live in an interconnected and complex world that is unprecedented pace preparing our children to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible and real world based approach to education.”

The Indo Kids International has branches in Kolkata, Karnataka, Bihar and Jharkhand. R.K. Group plans to expand by give franchising opportunity to people who are ready to explore the diversity in education system for their pre-schools and Mainstream school .The plan is simple to keep reasonable fee & royalty fees, with no recurring, renewal charges, no hidden cost, & no false promises said Mr. Mr.R.K Singh, Chairman Indo Kids International.

Mrs.Sudha Singh, Mr.A.K.Singh and Mr. Sharmistha Dasgupta are Indo Kids International board of directors .

The School advisory board comprises of renowned academician’s, successful entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. Dr.Jay Prakash,Chairman, International Institute of Business Studies; Dr.M.Dhanamjaya, Registrar, Reva University; Dr. Baswaraj Ramanlal , Chairman, Karnataka Group of Institutes, to name a few .

 About The School:

The Indo Kids International is a home away from home for the child. Children from ages 1.5 months to 18 years are being served. The school delivers confidence, joy and peace of mind to the students as well as theparents. Indo Kids International (IKI) stands for excellence and the pursuit of excellence in all its myriad dimensions is a relentless passion at IKI. Students here can feel it when they are engaged with teachers who are focused on shaping minds and creating thinkers. The leadership is truly visionary and inspirational. Together, there form a formidable combination that can shape careers and transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Car Pool facility with caring attendant, Day care facility, AC classrooms, 24z7 helpline service, doctor on call, hygiene are few things the school has to offer .

The Mission:

The school’s system that is built on sound fundamental. The main motive is to strive towards excellence by responding to changing needs and expectations of the digital global community. The focus is to design a curriculum that encompasses the brilliance of academics skill training and values to enhance intellectual competence Dynamism, versatility, and character.

Integrating Technology in education is to make the students Future Ready. The vision is to create and nurture individuals who have the knowledge, empathy, leadership and fortitude to stand up to the challenges that the world poses in the future. The school has its other branches in Karnataka, Bihar and Jharkhand whereas the head office is located in Bangalore.

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