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Launch of Maatr film

By Priyanka Guha, Kolkata:-Maatr  means mother in hindi – is the story of a vengeful mother. The film is casted by Raveena Tandon, Divya Jagdale, Madhur Mittal, Alisha Khan, Anurag Arora, Rushad Rana and directed by Ashtar Syad. This movie is a 1. 5 stars rating film. This movie premier is held in ITC, Sonar. Raveena Tandon and Prasenjit Chatterjee was the chief guest in the premier. The subject of the movie is rape and revenge thriller. The heinous crime involving the gang rape of a mother and a daughter and aftermath involving unhelpful officers of the law taken place in the film.
Raveena Tandon plays the role of an idealistic Delhi School teacher Vidya Chauhan who lives a straight life in the film. Though she loves her daughter, her equation with her husband is far from cordial. While trying her best to deal with the world with a smile, she and her daughter are gang raped. The wounded women picking up the cudgels and going after the perpetrators. A film like this needs to be deeply sensitive and alert to lift the sordidness of the material. Much of it is jaw-droppingly horrifying.
Many Bollywood directors have been made a countless film in this theme. Which tie in the standard strands of police procedural but in Maatr the investigative officer Shroff(Anurag Arora) buckles under pre sure, and does his best to brush the case under the carpet. He underestimates Vidya’s anger so she is now out for revenge.
Those involved in creating a woman like Vidya Chauhan who rises from the ashes to hunt out the gang of rapists – a politician’s longish son (Madhur Mittal) and his hangers-on who operate from a Delhi farmhouse – should have been careful of what they were stepping into.

This film extends to the leading lady a Bollywood Veteran, a woman with privilege, and a likable CV: Tandon’s ‘zakhmi aurat’ is the result of good intentions marred by thoughtless execution.

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