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Orange Corp’s participation in the 70th Cannes Film Festival

India, being the 2nd largest industry for films by revenue after US, has a lot of scope to contribute to the Global cinema. With more than 1800 film releases every year in more than 23 languages, India ranks the world no. 1 in number of film releases.


The total box office collection is estimated to be around US$ 2.6 Billion for FY2017 and the total collection including sale of rights is over US$ 3.8 Billion. However, most of the producers are unable to explore or take their films to the international markets due to limited knowledge and thereby cannot unwrap the potential of some of the best made films. The international releases are restricted only to a few screenings or participation in non-popular film festivals or handful theatrical releases in some countries,which actually do not convert into revenue or provide any recognition.


Until recently there was hardly any organised company having presence in India that can actually review the films and suggest the potential of selling rights or releasing overseas. This is where Orange Corp is taking a key step in providing world class infrastructure and proper guidance to Indian filmmakers and producers who wish to market their films globally. The company is a global management consultancy and venture capital firm,which has diversified from investment to production and release of films globally. The MNCclaims to bring in the expertise to collaborate with Indian film producers and provide the required platform to showcase their films internationally. This platform is ready to provide a one stop solution in terms of understanding the merit of the film in the international market, potential as to where the film might be released and all about the selling of the rights to maximise revenue. The best thing about this platform is the personalised approach for every individual project which is commendable, since the cumulative total of the services is much greater than what can be achieved individually by any producer.


Interestingly, the company also provides guidance and full support to producers prior to executingtheir films, that would help them achieve the global standards. This also includes review of budget details and advice for financial planning. The end result is minimal errors, whilethe film stands better chance of revenue realisation and cost saving.

In the current scenario where prediction of box office collection can never be accurate, this approach will help the producers in securing funds to a great extent. It’s time for Indian cinema to think global, ensuring smart execution and making their presence felt in true sense.


Further, Orange Corp intends to bring some of the best English films for releases in India, whichwill provide a very good business opportunity for film distributors as well,considering that the Indian audience’s preferences are changing.

Orange Corp’s participation in the 70th Cannes Film Festival (which started from 17th May 2017) confirms the readiness of the platform which is expected to be beneficial to the Indian Film industry in a big way.  Films and music have no boundaries and hence, what is artistic and good,should flourish.

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