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Ray of Cooperation in Today’s World

The Government of India’s recent move on demonetization is indeed a game-changer and despite the immediate hiccups, it will definitely have some positive implications across every sector in the long run. Though it has impacted all of us, the bankers have been affected the most. India having a large customer base for banking services it is becoming nearly impossible for the banking personnel to handle the mobs by working their fingers to the bones.

Since the time our Prime Minister announced this policy the banking staffs are facing immense pressure. They are working extra-long hours on regular days, working even over the weekends, staying hungry for longer duration and spending stressful days & sleepless nights just to ensure smoother monetary transactions for the mass.

In the stressful situation of demonitization, Neotia Hospitality chose 2 partner banks (Yes Bank of Russell Street and Dalhousie Area & Axis Bank Kakurgachi) and distributed some customized cupcakes / Patisseries from Tiffin to the bank employees just as a good-will gesture.

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