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Trailer launch of film ‘ I love u 2’

The first look and trailer launch took place at Kolkata Press Club for “I LOVE YOU 2” – a Bengali Feature Film, presented by Sonu Entertainment and Icon Entertainment.

Actress Sonu Das, who has also directed the film- ‘I LOVE YOU 2’ said– “We had overcome several hurdles during the making of the film, but we believe we have done a good job and also feel we have made a film for all to see and feel the importance of love.”

Sonu Das had earlier acted in a few TV serials, stage shows,ad shoots, etc. She was also appreciated for her different characterization in ‘Hello Kolkata’s 3rd film – ‘Chalte Chalte Chalte Bindass- Camera On’, a thriller directed by Asish Basak.

With story, script and direction by the talented Sonu Das, the film has a varied casting of Sargam, Sonu, Debashis Ganguly, Soma Chakraborty, Narayan Bhowmik, Gora Dhar, Avik Roy, Lucky Bhowmik and child actors Priyanka Das, Papri Sardar, Suvojit Malakar, Sourav Das & Santanu Koley.

‘I LOVE YOU 2’  is a story of a young man and woman who reunites for love after they were childhood sweethearts. But destiny took them apart and then again brought them under the same fold. The drama that evolves is what makes this film riveting to watch.

Debutant actor Sargam remarked-“We have great hopes on this film to gain good attention from all ages of our society as love permeates everything. I also believe that this has been my perfect launch-pad. I wish to do various sorts of challenging roles in coming days.”

Already a winner as the Best Debtante of ‘M-FACTOR’ CINE AWARD’ in 2015, Sonu hopes that her new film-‘I Love you 2’ will give her more accolades both in acting and direction.

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