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VEDROOP is a brand established in the year 2012. The Principle philosophy of the Company is driven by the Vedic ideas and practices and revelations by Sages after intense meditation and documented in Vedic scriptures and texts.

The vision of the Ayurvedacharya, Yoga Gurus and Spiritual Masters contributed to the formulation of the Company’s products through extensive R&D programming.

Such formulation and development forms the essence of the Company’s founding policy and is a culmination of the following 2 categories:-

1) Mother Nature: Anything that is naturally pure and has its roots in the Ayurveda and includes Herbs & Organic forms.

2) Vedic Spirituality: Spiritual inference derived from Vedic Astrology and inspired by Vedanga Jyotisha, one of the earliest texts about astronomy with the Vedas.

The Company’s products are an end result of holistic approach towards attaining the following 4 most coveted forms of wellbeing and success:-


The Company boasts of its products as a work of sub-lime quality and pledges that whoever join hands with the Company either in the form of an end-user i.e. Customer or as a Business Vendor shall be blessed with the above mentioned four forms of wellbeing and success.



We help you enhance your inner and outer beauty.



We also help you strengthen your physical and mental health.



Increase your wealth by being associated with our brand by either buying our products or by joining our business policies.



With the benefits you gain by being beautiful, healthy and wealthy, we promise you tranquility by our miraculous products.


  1. Business Perspective:

Any individual irrespective of caste, creed or sex can join Vedroop as a “Business Vendor” and build an esteemed career with us. We at Vedroop believe that the more effort you imply the more you grow. The company will leave no stone unturned to assist its vendors in all possible means.

India 2017 is a renaissance in the field of internet and social networking. Hence the company after extensive R&D over internet marketing would come up time to time with extraordinary concepts on online promotions that will ensure benefit to all Vendors.

Apart from online promotions, all marketing materials that may include handbills, banners, posters, standees, manuals, etc.  Would be provided by the company.

Company will also ensure a minimum benefit paradigm for all vendors to encourage them to indulge more effort and build a successful career with us.

Moreover, to increase the volume of business the company expects only a 20% effort from the vendors and remaining 80% will be taken care by the company. This will not only enhance business generation, it will subsequently capitalise on securing vendor’sfuture.


  1. Job Seekers:

In this modern era where a single earner finds it difficult to run a family can engage a second person from his family as a part-timer to earn a handsome salary and help him in running the show smoothly.

Secondly, people often find working in a corporate sector to be under the influence of dictatorship, hence our module of work will allow him / her to choose his / her own designation and even a team to work with. In that case you just need to enrol yourself and start earning a good salary along with incentives.

It is said that there is no one to assess your potentials better than yourself, hence once you start self-assessment and know your potentials there will be no looking back. There are neither sales pressure nor a fixed schedule of work, you become your boss and implement your plan of action.

We will be gladly open for both full time as well as part time job seekers. You need not report to office regularly and can carry out your plan of action from office, society, your region, state, district or even from your home.

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