Jugosagnik Sahitya Poribar launched a C.D

Jugosagnik Sahitya Poribar launched a C.D. of Recitation which had been beautifully portraied by melodious vacalist Ms. Payel Paul. It was her first attempt to made a C.D. on poetry for all those, who are fond of listening various recitation.
This particular is mainly written by three different writers who are respectively reknown in the world of poetry. They are Sanchita Chakroborty, Rita ghosh and Sanjoy Rishi.
The innaugration of this occassion had done on Jugo Sangha along with the presence of its editor Mr. Pradip Gupta, Reporter Chandra Shekhar Bhattacharya and Poet Rita Ghosh along with Tapas Mahapatra. For more latest C.D. and updates just log in to Songoti’s facebook page.

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