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Kerala-based Aries Group’s relentless efforts pays off – Becomes the first to deliver ventilators to Kerala during lockdown

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In this scenario where the whole nation is under lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, U.A.E Malayali Dr. Sohan Roy, CEO of Aries Group of Companies, extended a helping hand to the state’s medical field by providing ventilators to hospitals. Dr. Sohan Roy had announced to provide 1 ventilator each to 10 districts of Kerala immediately after the lockdown. Roy made the announcement as something more than a usual social welfare activity considering the current situation of emergency. Patients are going to need ventilators more than food in the developed stage of this pandemic. If the number of patients continue to hike as per the present rate, the deadly reality of experiencing a scarcity of ventilators will be faced soon. Fortunately, to ease the efforts of the government, two of the promised ventillators have already arrived in Kerala and one was handed over to Alappuzha District Collector yesterday. Rest will be delivered shortly. 
He has also requested other companies to contribute whatever they can as well. His other announcement was “Support a Family” drive to support 2000 needy families. He has asked each of the company’s employees to try and support one poor family and take up their responsibility during this crisis period. This campaign was majorly launched considering the hardships daily wagers will have to endure during this lockdown period. 
Aries Group has always played a major role when it comes to CSR activities, including helping people cope with turns of unfortunate events, both natural and man-made. In 2015, during the Nepal earthquake, Aries group came forward and took initiative to build 200+ makeshift houses for the earthquake victims. When Kerala flood took a toll on people’s lives, the advanced rescue operations and disaster coping mechanisms carried out by the Aries Group had gained much recognition and acknowledgment. Being the founder Chairman of Indywood Billionaires Club, he has been setting a remarkable example for others from the Billionaire community to extend their valuable contributions as well.He has also declared to set aside his 9000sq.ft house at Desamangalam, Kerala which can be converted into isolation ward for patients.

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