“Kia and Cosmos” awaits Indian Premiere

AVA Film Productions, the production house which has presented films like “Asamapta” by Suman Mukherjee, “Tope” by Buddhadev Dasgupta and “Sun Goes Round The Earth” by Arijit Biswas, has come up with “Kia and Cosmos” written and directed by the debutante director Sudipto Roy. This film with alternate sensibilities revolves around a 15 year old girl Kia (Ritwika Pal) who lives with her single mother ( Swastika Mukherjee). Kia goes on a journey to investigate the murder of a neighbouring cat Cosmos with a series of twists and turns which aid the unfolding of a heart warming journey from Kolkata to Kalimpong and in the process ends up writing a mystery novel. Apart from Ritwika and Swastika the film also stars Joy Sengupta, Sraman Chatterjee, Zahid Hossain, Mita Chatterjee and Amaan Reza.
“KIA and Cosmos” had an encouraging run in the festivals and received good response from the festivals of New York, Milan, Madrid and Barcelona. It will have its UK Premiere in the Pioneer section at the Glasgow Film Festival.
With an innovative storyline “KIA and Cosmos” is loosely adapted from a British Novel, “The curious incident of the Dog at the night time” by Mark Haddon along with Tagor’s story, “Ranur Prothom Bhag” and Bankim Chandra’s satirical essay, “Beral”. It is ready to hit the Silver Screen in India on 29th March with a lot of promise to win the hearts of the cinema lovers.

Text: Mahiyan Chakrabarti.

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