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Alfie stays undefeated; Brijesh, Manish from Kolkata qualifies for knockouts.

Alfie Burden from England confirmed the top-seed slot for knockout stage of Kolkata Open International Invitation Snooker Championship 2018 being played here at Hindusthan Club, Kolkata.

On second day of individual competition, Alfie completed his all three league stage matches having straight 3-nil win to stay first amongst all participants of the event.

Today while playing against Kolkata’s enthusiast player Rishabh Dugar, Alfie crafted the tournament’s highest break so far 125 to close the match proceedings 3-0.

After that he took on former Asian Champion and pro players Yasin Merchant. To him also Alfie defeated by the same score-line 3-0.

Kolkata based IOCL player Brijesh Damani secured third seed by winning all three matches at a cost of one frame. He also scored a century break against his state-mate Ankit Kariwala in the last frame to secure match win.

Another player from Kolkata Manish Jain made an excellent recovery from two frames down to make it level against Laxman Rawat of Railways. Though his efforts went in vain when Laxman secured the match after black-ball tie 3-2.

Laxman started the proceedings with clearance break of 61 points and went ahead to pocket another frame to take 2-0 lead. He was on ease to clear the match but Manish put him on hold and shown his class with frame winning break of 57 points. After winning another frame Manish came at par with Laxman and stepped in the final frame.

The decider was tough as both countered each other throughout the frame. But after the black ball tie Laxman succeeded to pot the black and won the match.

For knockouts, Alfie Burden, Aditya Mehta, Brijesh Damani and Laxman Rawat got one match bye and they will play directly quarter finals.

The other players who reached quarter finals are:
Manan Chandra vs. Dharminder Lilly
Faisal Khan vs. Alok Kumar
Sundeep Gulati vs. Lucky Vatnani
Yasin Merchant vs. Manish Jain

Yasin Merchant beat Ravi Goenka :: 3-0 (120(50)-01, 76-01, 72(72)-00)
Alfie Burden beat Rishabh Dugar :: 3-0 (46-37, 72(41)-11, 133(125)-01)
Alfie Burden beat Yasin Merchant :: 3-0 (90(75)-01, 77(52)-34, 80-73)
Aditya Mehta beat Pradyumna Mimani :: 3-0 (83-07, 54-02, 81(64)-00)
Alok Kumar beat Rajesh Tulsian :: 3-1 (64-50, 61-07, 0-1, 73(65)-06)
Aditya Mehta beat Alok Kumar :: 3-1 (00-129(109), 90-37, 73(51)-27, 103(65)-00)
Laxman Rawat beat Manish Jain :: 3-2 (84(61)-09, 76-36, 21-70(57), 33-71, 74-67)
Laxman Rawat beat Sourav Kothari :: 3-1 (73(43)-29, 69-08, 61-63(62), 60-52)
Brijesh Damani beat Ankit Kariwala :: 3-0 (72-30, 67-30, 117(105)-00)
Manan Chandra beat Dhruv Agarwal :: 3-0 (57-53, 93(93)-33, 76-06)
Dhruv Agarwal beat Ankit Kariwala :: 3-1 (27-96, 100-00, 68-07, 63-40)
Brijesh Damani beat Manan Chandra :: 3-0 (100(57,43)-23, 56-48, 81-14)
Lucky Vatnani beat Abhishek Kedia :: 3-0 ()
Lucky Vatnani beat Dharminder Lilly :: 3-1 (73-15, 33-55, 72-18, 62-55)

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