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Kolkata Retail Summit 2019 to be held in Kolkata on 7 November

Retailers Association of India (RAI) will be organizing the Kolkata Retail Summit 2019 on Thursday, 7 November 2019 from 2.30PM onwards at The Park Hotel, Kolkata. The Theme of the Summit is “Breaking Barriers to Sustainable Growth”.

Kolkata Retail Summit to create an immense opportunity for all the Retail Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Distribution, E- Retailing, Retail Design, and in-store Marketing and Retail opportunity companies to find the right business partners/client to drive business growth.

Sustainable growth involves going beyond profits to focus on several aspects including social impact, environmental consciousness, customer-centricity, good people practices, technology adoption, and financial discipline.

Achieving sustainable growth requires achieving a fine balance between short-term and long-term growth. However, according to a Bain & Co. often the biggest barriers to growth are internal such as the founder’s mentality, an obsession with the front-line, shying away from adopting the technology. Of course, there are external barriers as well.

The Kolkata Retail Forum will bring together retail stakeholders on a common platform to identify the barriers to sustainable growth and devise ways to break them.

Retailers Association of India (RAI) is the unified voice of retailers in India. A not for profit organization, RAI works with all stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of modern retail industry in India. We encourage, develop, facilitate and support retailers to modernize and adopt best practices that will delight customers.

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