Kolkata witnessed BONGO NARI 2018

Kolkata witnessed the launch of an Online Boutique Store BONGO NARI, a one stop destination for Women Accessories and Home Decor Products, made by students and women of the society where they can also sell their products online for their livelihood and build their own identity in the society.

The day also witnessed the inauguration of the 2 day exhibition called “BONGO NARI 2018 – Women Empowerment Initiative”’. The exhibition was organized by students and more than 100 women, to showcase their skill in Kolkata. The exhibition aimed at empowering other women and students of the society so that they can come forward and join the Bongo Nari Campaign in the development of the society.  The exhibition aimed at promoting the art and culture of Bengal, helping the women to become community leaders. To promote “Bengal means Silpo” special products like Kantha-Stitch, Jamdani, Saree, Handloom, Traditional Jewellery, Bags, Hand-made Candles etc were exhibited. The products proved the talent and skill of the women behind it. Bongo Nari 2018 Exhibition was an open forum where women could get all their desired and necessary things under one roof at affordable prices.

Mrs. Moumita Saha, Founder of Bongo Nari Online Boutique Store & Organizer of Bongo Nari 2018 Exhibition, said, “Bongo Nari will empower women to work together and earn on their own to fulfill their needs and build their own identity. Currently more than 100 women are associated with the organization.”

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