Kolkata’s first ‘Art & Wine Carnival’ to be held on February 11, 2018 !

After a long wait, SiegeNow is all set to host Kolkata’s first ‘Art & Wine Carnival’ this month on February 11, 2018. This event ensures emphasis on the impact of technology on the art industry, by showcasing tech-oriented art displays for the first time in Kolkata. Also inspired by the new-wave culture of Europe, SiegeNow has brought innovation to the artistic industry by organizing a wine tasting as a part of the event, as wine cultivating is in itself a revered art form.


Siege Now, an Intellectual Property Licensing Startup, presents Kolkata’s first ‘Art & Wine Carnival’ in association with Sula Vineyards, on February 11, 2018 from 12pm onwards at the Arts Acre Foundation, New Town, Kolkata.


Kolkata’s first of its kind ‘Art & Wine Carnival’ is not only exhibiting new forms of art, but is also providing a platform for the sale of valuable paintings from the rare collections of M F Hussain, Subhoprasana and Bijon Chowdhury, Rathin Kanji, Subrata Chowdhury, Prakash Karmakar, Partha Roy, and Rup Chand Kundu.


This Art & Wine Carnival will also be showcasing tech-oriented art displays from a few hand-picked start-up technology companies. This collaboration will emphasize the effect of technology on art, and how it has helped to revolutionize the industry. These start-up companies include :

  • Graphixstory : New Town in Motion Graphics.
  • Theta-one Software Development Pvt. Ltd. : Augmented Reality in Art.
  • Srijan Creation : 3D Printing Tech in Art.
  • Albaton Automobili Pvt. Ltd. : Futuristic Concept Car Designing.

In alignment with the SiegeNow Social Initiative, the Art & Wine Carnival will also hold a display of artistic handicrafts and paintings by the non-institutionalized orphanage, Shishur Sevay. Their exhibited items will include a unique display of hand-painted sarees, finger paintings and various craft materials.


The main objective of the event is to promote and spread the culture of art appreciation by making different kinds and forms of artwork available for display and sale. This vibrant exhibition with innovative art forms, including the binding of technology in art displays, will be a tribute to the work of industry stalwarts and will validate the work of new comers in the field of art.


In association with Sula Vineyards, the wine tasting session for the guests will be the first of its kind in Kolkata, providing the people of Kolkata with exquisite taste and exciting, titillating engagements for beneficial socialization opportunities. The Art & Wine Carnival, with its wide variety of artisan work, will provide an effective platform for art licensing and purchasing, to suit the tastes of any office, household or private collection.

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