Label Amra Muzik’s latest ‘KA KHA GA GHA’ is a rip- roaring musical entertainer

By Purabi:’KA,KHA, GA, GHA’ is a social media company based on the dreams and aspirations of four young men and its translation to fairy tale finish.So a flim with this background ought to have uplift the spirits which is equally inspiring.

The music and trailer rights for ‘KA,KHA, GA, GHA’ has been acquired by Amra Muzik .Music Director Anindya Chatterjee has done justice to the composition of penning down amusing,sataric and romantic songs.

Songs like ‘chal suru action ‘ to ‘Kuchur muchur’ are instilled with deep humour. ‘Naam na Jana pakhi’ has a romantic flavour while ‘Mission Ka kha Ga Gha’ encapsulate the climax of the movie.

Arijit Singh,Shreya Ghosal,Rupam Islam,Upal,Sidhu,Soumitra,Prashmita Paul and Anindya itself has lent their voices to make the songs special .

Produced by Dr.Krishna Mukherjee ,this Krishna movies production is directed by Dr.Krishnendu Chatterjee ,who has done amazing work with the awestruck content of the movie.

Shankar Venkataraman says from Amra Muzik that’ We continue our journey to bring quality in sound track and this album is an ode to connoisseurs of music.This beautiful album has an eclectic mix of Rock, Ballad,band culture in the wizardy of Anindya Da that has been woven beautifully in the flim.’

Anindya Chatterjee,the music director said’It was fun and a pleasent challenge doing music for the movie. It has a masti song , romantic song an item number Song and a group song all within a comic setup. And to have different band members like Rupam Islam ,Sidhu,Soumitra Roy, Upal was a great experience.

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