Launch of Addatimes new web series

Addatimes is an well known endeavor to showcase the beat Bengali content web platform. They started with web hits such as khyapa ,Feluda ,Ghostana, Sufiana, One night stand etc came up with a new web series “The mashup monkeys”

The narrative is about three friends Dodo, Ronty and Papai. Three of them pops a pill sold by a drug dealer. The next morning they discover the upsidedown change of their life. Ronty start having some horrified visuals in his mind. Papai who was a quite kind of a guy started reacting impulsively and in a very wild manner and Dodo find himself seven months pregnant. From the point they started searching the dealer and how a puzzle get created around them and an unanticipated twist at end that leads to next season

The story has been directed by the immensely talented new comer Nirjhar Mitra. Starring Pranjal Vaid, Preetam Ganguly, Shayak Roy. Who are also newcomers

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