Launch of Char Diker Golpo directed by Pranabesh Chandra

Four short-films namely ‘Artist’, ‘Compromise’, ‘Ghorsawoar’ and ‘To be an Actor’. ‘Artist’ is a story of a clay modeller; ‘Compromise’ depicts a story of an ad film maker; ‘Ghorsawoar’ is a horsecart puller story while ‘To be an Actor’ is the story of a girl’s dream of being an actor.
The story of the film mainly tied with two character who met in train. The characters played by Indrasis Acharya as a salesman and Samadarshi Dutta as a strugglingfilm maker.
The stories basically told us the story of our socio-economical sides. There are some crisis and most importantly the four stories or short film s have been led by renowned tele actresses Ankita Majumder, Kanyakumari Mukherjee, Sumana Das and Sayantani Guha Thakurta. As they are very familiar face of household it’s a pros for the film and both them acted very well.
The cinematography of the film done by Surjodeep Ghosh and he had done a commendable job. Yash-Amit’s music is apt with the script.

Director Pranabes Chandra said that while making this film, he felt that he had encountered these characters somewhere.
He also hoped that the viewers would love and appreciate this realistic film that he has made.
The film has been officially selected in 16 film festivals and it bagged award in all the festivals respectively.
The film won Bengali Panorama ward at 21st Kolkata International Film Festival, Best Film at Pratibimb Film Festival, Aab International Film Festival, Meliorist Film Festival, Best Director at Meliorist Film Festival, Best Editor Meliorist Film Festival, Best Actor Meliorist Film Festival, Best Screenplay Meliorist Film Festival, Best Story at the 1st Rising International Short Film Festival, Pune, Best Sound 1st Rising International Short Film Festival, Pune, Best Screenplay 4th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, Best camera Indapur National Short Film Festival

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