Launch of New Tide Plus with Extra Power

By Bhagyasree :-One of the leading fabric care brands in India from P&G introduced New Tide Plus with Extra Power at Big Bazar, Kolkata. It has all new formulation that ensures superior cleaning, brilliant whiteness along with enhanced fragnances like Rose & Jasmine, Lemon & Mint or Talcum Freshness.
Anita Hassanandani Reddy who is well known for her acting across various TV soaps like Kkavyanjali, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, unveiled the superior Tide Plus with Extra Power said “I and my husband both love whites. But maintaing it is a very difficult task. I hate it when my favourite white outfit gets dirty and dull. We try our best to maintain our whites but its not easy at all from our hectic lifestyle. Finally I have found my laundry stress buster in New Extra Power Tide and I am amazed at its results. This better than ever before Tide Plus promises and delivers superior cleanliness, enhances fragnance with mesmeriseing whiteness. Clearly Tides Gives Extra.”

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