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“Reynolds” was established in 1908 in Calcutta, the financial capital and home of the British Raj at the time,
by Joaquim Remedios who dealt mainly in Pianos, Organs, and Violins etc.
Around 1950 John Remedios took over and started selling piano accordions, violins and guitars etc.
imported from Germany & Japan
His brother, Jonas, did an apprenticeship with Matt Hofner and Karl Hofner in Germany and subsequently
we started the first guitar manufacturing in India with handmade guitar luthier technology from Germany.
Today most Indian guitar manufacturers are in Kolkata and have learnt their trade directly or indirectly from
In 1981, Felix Remedios – the eldest of the 3rd generation – shifted to Bangalore and is well-known today in
both the musical instrument segment and the rental of sound, lights, audio-visuals, staging, roofing etc. He
currently has 4 musical instrument showrooms and has executed live concerts for many International
Artists including Metallica, Guns n Roses, Scorpions, Black Eyed Peas, Inxys, David Guetta, AVICI, Brian
Adams, Deep Purple, Enrique Iglesias, to name but a few
Later in 1989 Leslie Remedios – the second brother – moved to Goa and also offers a complete Event
management solution, including rental of sound lights AV and decor. He now specialises in Weddings and
has a huge team and loads of inventory to cater to the biggest destination weddings in Goa. He also has a
“Wedding Mall”, a first of its kind, which showcases sets, themes, decor, fabric, etc.
The original family business in Kolkata was then taken over by Peter Remedios – the youngest of the three
Kolkata has been famous for producing some of the country’s best music talent – from the swinging
restaurants of the famous Park Street, came some of the finest Music Talent in this country – Usha Uthup,
Louis Banks, Pam Crain, Carlton Kitto, Braz Gonsalves, Antone Menezes, Tony Menezes, Anthony
Fernandez, Arthur Gracias, Amyt Dutta, Sumith Ramachandran, to name but a few…. It was no wonder
that the musical instrument flourished in Kolkata as well…
Reynolds led the early foray into International brands – we were the first importers and distributors of
Roland, Fender, Yamaha, Mackie, Behringer, Fostex, Zoom, Samson, etc. and owned our own bonded
warehouse – over a period of time the brands distribution changed to currently distributing Hofner
harmonicas and Piano accordions, Savarez Classical guitar and other strings, Pirastro Violin strings,
Manuel Rodriguez Classical guitars from Spain, and also pianos, guitars, violins, drum sets and
accessories from China
Reynolds also own the first and only guitar string manufacturing unit in India which makes guitar strings
with wire from USA, winding hexagon core on Italian machines with computer precision !
This week Reynolds will open its new landmark music store in Kolkata at 54 D Hazra Road,
Ballygunge Phari with the widest range of product and look forward to enhancing the music industry pan
To celebrate this auspicious day, we have celebrity globetrotting artists Grammy Nominee Pt Tanmoy
Bose, Grammy Nominee Pt Debashish Bhattacharya, Guitar legend Amyt Datta and artists
Gaurab”Gaboo”Chatterjee, Ratul Shankar Ghosh and Bodhisattwa Ghosh.
Much sought after percussionist, Sivamani, will grace the occasion at 12 noon on Saturday 27th Jan 2018

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