Launching of NLP for Teachers, Parents and Children

The Global Minds Academy organised a grand inaugural ceremony of its academy in Kolkata. It took place at the Global Minds Academy office based, in Hazra, with the kind presence of Mr. Ashvin Deshpande , Founder Director of Global Minds Academy and Mrs. Arpita Banerjee Associate Director & NLP Coach and Trainer , Global Minds Academy .

Today, in this fast pacing world, people are going through many barriers not just physically and mentally but also emotionally. These problems constraint themselves, irrespective to their age group, from performing better and living a healthy and happy life. In adults, the most common fears are anxiety, being left behind or lonely, inability to cope up with the stress and work pressure. In kids also there are certain barriers that could be seen i.e., exam stress and fear, uncertain mood swings, inability to perform well in studies and extra – curricular activities. The reason behind is maximum people don’t know their learning patterns. Likewise we are born with discrete abilities; we are also born with individual learning patterns and potentials.

The solutions of all these problems have come down to the doorstep of Kolkata with launching of the leading NLP Training Academy in Kolkata “Global Minds Academy”. This has only become possible in Kolkata with the help of Mrs.  Arpita Banerjee. Now Learning will be fun and the academic stress will vaporize in seconds – the true art of leading a meaningful and skillful life.

NLP Training Franchise Opportunity” this tagline itself makes Global Minds Academy a unique Institution.  Global Minds Academy pioneers in creating one of the most unique “Education Concept”. Global Minds Academy comes with a complete holistic minds training and development for children, teachers and parents.

About Mr. Ashvin Deshpande

The Founder Director of Global Minds Aacdemy – Mr. Ashvin Deshpande is a Transformational and Business Performance Coach, strategist, educator, consultant, and successful entrepreneur. He has numerous achievements with him. He inspires people through self-awareness leading to action, helping them to master their own destiny and command they’re true potential.

About Mrs. Arpita Banerjee

Mrs. Arpita Banerjee is an NLP Trainer & Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Numerologist, Holistic Healer, Personality Assessment Consultant believes in performance with perfection and serving people in building a healthier life.

“We at Global Minds Academy are planning to introduce the most powerful program like Spell Champ, Studytex out of other successful ten modules of  NLP. Our main target is the school going students who generally face these problems such as anxiety, stress, exam fear, inability to do well in studies etc. We are aiming to build the basic blocks. In Spell champ, we make learning spellings easy for the kids. In Study Tex, students learn to grasp various study tool and techniques in a fun and happy way whereas, in NLP, the students learn study of excellent communication. With the help of these programmes, the kids and teenagers will be able to build a successful roadmap for themselves.” Mrs. Arpita Banerjee Associate Director & NLP Coach cum Trainer, Global Minds Academy.

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