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Let’s celebrate Rathayatra

By Abhishek & Debashikha:- Every year ISKCON organizes a Rathayatra. This year is the 48th Rathayatra organized by ISKCON. The 48th Rathayatra will highlight some issues during 7 days Rathayatra mela at Brigade parade ground from 5th to 11th july 2019. These issues are based on why now a days the plight of parent’s and our senior’s is of great concern. They will highlight this great tragedy, when our parents, our seniors must have took care by us but they spending their life in some old age home. So let’s love, care snd treasure the elderly people in the society with the great inspiration by ISKCON.

On the morning of 4th July 2019, the function called ‘Pahendi vijay’ will strat at 7:30am from ISKCON Temple at 3c uttam kumar sarani (Albert Road). From 10am on words dance performance by famous dance groups from India an abroad will be held. There will be also perform Dona Ganguly and her group.

The Rathayatra on 4th July starting at 12noon from Hungerford street near Minto park. Again o ‘Ultarathayatra’ on friday 12th July 2019 starting at the same time from outram Road near park street metro.

People staying along the Rathayatra route can offer fruits and flowers to the lord. They csn come along with the chariots to Brigade parade ground o the day of Rathayatra, where free khichdi prasadam will be served once.

Ratha will stay at Brigade parade ground where from 5th July to 11th July 2019 a grand mela will be organized where everyone can honour hot khichdi prasadam every evening from 3:30pm to 8:30pm daily and dances along with drama, magic show, shadow dance, kirtan, etc will be held over there for 7days.

Today ISKCON organizes Rathayatra in over 600 cities in over 150 countries world wide. It is the contribution of Srila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON. The honorable chief minister of west Bengal Mamata Banerjee will inaugurate the Rathayatra. Srimati Nusrat Jahan, Ruhi Jain and her husband will also be present during the inauguration ceremony.

So all the best to ISKCON. Wish you happy and safe Rathayatra.

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