Lexus expands its footprint in India opens 4th guest experience center

Hot on the heels of a successful launch in India, luxury automaker Lexus announced the opening of its fourth showroom in the country.

Lexus Guest Experience Centers (GECs), as they are known, are now open in premium locations across New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and now in Bengaluru. The newly opened GEC is located at Residency Road, Lavelle. The Lexus GECs in New Delhi and Gurgaon opened their doors on 25 March 2017. The Mumbai center opened on 28 March 2017. Launching the brand in India affirms Lexus’ commitment to delivering new and amazing experiences to one of the world’s fastest growing markets. As an extension of this, the GECs have been designed in line with Lexus’ value of omotenashi which is about providing exceptional hospitality, anchored in anticipation and an unsurpassed commitment to meeting the needs of every guest.

The Bengaluru GEC is a confluence of Kannadiga and Japanese cultures. The hosting area is adorned with the ‘Sangam Jaali’ that is derived from unity of two rivers and is inspired from the Indian style of greeting namaste and omtenashi of Japanese culture. The ‘Jaali’ also draws historic inspiration from the provincial-age window patterns. The beautiful amalgamation of advanced mobility and fine craftmanship is seen in the handcrafted Hampi Chariot installed on the wall while the guests also witness signature ‘L’ type elements in the design of palletes and exterior elevations, with spindle shaped lights drawing from core Lexus design features.

“Lexus invites India to experience brand’s passion through our vehicles and discover a guest experience that is uniquely Lexus at any of the Lexus Guest Experience Centers,” said Akitoshi Takemura, Senior Vice President, Lexus India, “The best part is that no two Lexus Guest Experience Centers are the same. Each centeris uniquely designed to suit local tastes and provide an exclusive experience to our guests. Core to the ownership experience is the relationship with Lexus, which begins the moment a guest steps into one of centers – and lasts a lifetime.”

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