Lions Club International Presents the 45th ISAAME Forum 2017 in Kolkata

Lions ISAAME (India, South Asia, Africa & Middle East) Forum 2017 celebrated the Power of Serving Together from 16th to 19th of December at ITC, Kolkata.

The Forum’s International President Dr Naresh Aggarwal, Vice President Gudrun Bjort Yngvodottor, District Governor Pramod Chandok and Chairpersons AP Singh and Sangeeta Jatia along with
Planning Committee Chairperson Aruna Oswal, welcomed distinguished delegates from all over the country and declared the list of events and key highlights to be discussed in the days to come.

The 45th Chapter witnessed key notes from internationally renowned speakers, social motivators and spiritual influencers like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Honourable Sadhguru, Sister Shivani, Olympic champions Mary Kom and Abhinav Bindra, actor Shatrughan Sinha, well-known intelelctual Suhel Seth, Honourable Chanchalapati Dasa Prabhu, Honourable Ravinder Singh, LCIF Chairperson Bob Curlew, President Dr Naresh Aggarwal, First Vice President Gurdun Yngvodottir and Second Vice President Jung-Yul Choi along with venerable members from 19 countries all over the world, like U.S. U.K , Africa and Bangladesh.
International President, Lions Club Naresh Aggarwal exclaimed, “ISAAME 2017 is a confluence of multi-cultural platform to support humanity and welfare at its truest form.”

Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru was welcomed by smiling faces and patient hearing. He said, “We are human beings, which means every other creature is what it is for what it does. Every individual takes up the responsibility or share of their doing. The attitude towards your failure and success says a lot about your life journey.”

The attendees were asked to close their eyes and imagine a world they would like to live in. Sister Shivani with her tranquil presence and purity of soul has already won millions of hearts. She spoke about eradicating terror, anger and violence. She requested the Lions to take up a project called “Anger Eradication” to make anger free zones at their office and encourage happy work culture.
The evening session was all about the power of action by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Guruji shared his experience with prisoners; he said, “Some part of a person commits a mistake when he commits a crime, actions become crime because he/she isn’t conscious of the action. It is all about how you channelize your actions towards constructive growth and realisation,”

Olympic champions, Abhinav Bindra and Mary Kom, spoke about the hardships of life, how success is never easy and how determination is the key to success! Bindra spoke about how he had to overcome epilepsy and Mary fought off hunger and poverty.

Actor-turned politician, Shatrughan Sinha, spoke about his life as an actor, and the crowd cheered to the hero who shut everyone with Khamosh! in his signature style with a perfect blend of quick wit and humour.

The closing ceremony of the 45th ISAAME Forum at PC Chandra Greens on December 19 was a symbol of cultural concoction and emotional bonding. The message of peace and happiness was the key concept behind the visit of such great thinkers on one platform. The show came to a memorable close with chairpersons AP Singh and Sangeeta Jatia’s speech. “We would like to thank each and every person who has been a part of ISAAME and Lions Club, a small token of appreciation to one and all present.”

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