Lusty Leather on the glorious Ramp

By Bhagyasree Sarkar:-Ilpa as its name refers to the Indian Leather Products Associationisa which is based on the three decade old “non-government, not-for-profit” Association based in Kolkata. The ILPA show, has now on its 23rd edition that coincides with the first day of the India International Leather Fair (IILF) in Kolkata organiaed by ITPO every year.
They works actively to bring together to all the manufacturer-exporters/ merchant-exporters of leather products of India on a common platform to stimulate growth and development of the leather goods sectors.
On the ILPA Fashion Show 2018, it showcases 6 episodes in this year. The promient and most favorable brands on the ramp are 1) Kompanero, 2) Trio, 3) Rajda, 4) Hunt, and the design institution of 5) Freya and 6) FDDI

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