Maa-bhoi, an initiative by Priyankar Majumdar & Koushani Kundu brngs “The Mata”.

First Time ever on stage the journey of

Mata Hari.

‘THE MATA’ Concept and Direction by

Koushani Kundu,

(Daughter of famous Art director Samir Kundu)

Music arranged by; Pradyut Chatterjee,

Choreographer- Monoranjan Bhattacharya,

Protagonist – Varsha Bardhan as Mata Hari.

Main vocal : Succhanda Ghosh , Priyadarshi Bannerjee,Priyankar Majumder.


Chaitali Dasgupta, Pramita Mullick, Samrat Mukherjee, Sanjoy Ghosh and Alokananda Roy were  present to encourage the initiative.



About “The Mata

A cine recital The Mata (an Aura) influenced by the book Paulo Coelho’s The Spy. Mata Hari was an exotic nude dancer of 18th century her actual name is Margareta, She was being physically abused at the age of 16 by her school Principal.  She got married to Rudolf Macleod an Army man but the man torched Margareta like anything. Meanwhile she became a mother of a girl child but Rudolf was a hooligan she seems to like what he liked most his local lovers and for Rudolf sex was like a dance. Margareta or Mata Hari was helpless but one day the court did an injustice to a mother. Rudolf snatched their daughter from Margareta by the help of the court.  Margareta had nothing to live with.  Her mother once said her that intimacy with a man should take place when there is love and that love is for life. After all these turmoil for Mata Hari her love and life was one and only dance… Again a lot of hurdles came in Mata Hari’s life but she was Mata Hari the strong woman she recovered again and started a new journey and that journey started with her dance. Gradually she became famous. People use to had an immense craze for her they were becoming eager to meet Mata Hari. Her specialty was she used to open her attires on the stage only…  like this her life was passing but again a tragedy came on her life that was the time for FIRST WORLD WAR the General consulate hired Mata Hari as The Spy.They forcefully took Mata Hari for being the spy and Mata Hari was desperate for earning money. She spends her life at different countries at last her last days were spent at the prison she died over there only.

Our story is inspired from Mata Hari’s life but in our cine recital we are telling a story of every creative people and a story of a mother. Mata Hari used to write tragedy with her body. We will show a nudity of a soul not a nudity of the body. For more. 21st August is the grand day when the diva is again coming back with thousands curves and thousand meaningful melodies.

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