“MACHER JHOL” proves its taste

By Mahiyan Chakrabarti:-As expected, “MACHER JHOL” a film by Pratim D Gupta produced by Mojo productions and Sony Pictures Network is doing fairly well in the Box Office. Pratim has satisfied both the critics as well as the regular cine goers through his work. Ritwick, Paoli, Mamata Shankar, Arjun Chakrabarti and Sourasheni along with others have complemented perfectly with the script and the direction.

                More Bengali delicacies like “POSTO” and “MACHER JHOL” are needed for Tollywood to look itself much healthier.
               Here are some glimpses of the star studded premier of “MACHER JHOL”
at Cinepolis, Acropolis Mall. This movie is a must watch.

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