Magik Empowers Electricians

Magik from Century LED, a leading lighting solutions company, today announced its empowerment programme for the electricians. The LED lighting industry has undergone colossal development over the past few years and is now edging towards replacement of the conventional modes of lighting. In an effort to make the electricians ready for this evolution and embrace the LED era, Magik has taken up the responsibility to empower the electricians. As part of this empowerment programme, Magik has also launched its ‘LED Lighting Guide Book’ at Mahajati Sadan today. The event was inaugurated by Mr Anirudh Kajaria, Business Head, Century LED, in the presence of hundred other electricians from across the city.

The primary focus of the book is to create awareness regarding LED lighting among electricians, thus enhancing their knowledge. However the use of the LED Lighting Guide Book is not limited to electricians only, it is useful for any consumer as well.

Armed with the knowledge from this Guide Book, the consumers will be able to make conscious decisions regarding their LED lighting preference and can choose accordingly. The ultimate objective of Magik is to provide an enhanced customer experience by empowering the electricians. The company has initially targeted 3000 electricians providing them with overall knowledge of effective LED lighting increasing their credibility.

The introduction of this book to the electricians would be a concrete step towards enabling them to become self-dependent in terms of correct lighting choice. The market share of LED is expected to rise to 70% by 2020 from its current share of 18%. In the face of such increased demand for LED lighting, it is crucial for electricians to be able to dispense accurate guidance to their customers with regard to choice of lighting.

This book mentions different ways of using LED lights to transform a given space creatively, thereby catering to varied customer demands. The book also talks about the need to understand CCT or (Correlated Colour Temperature), beam angles and other technicalities prior to choosing lights for any place like homes or offices. It features a detailed discussion on the benefits and correct usage method of LEDs that will empower any reader seeking insight on LED lighting.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anirudh Kajaria, Business Head, Century LED, said “We believe in bringing the right experience to our consumers. Therefore, the Lighting Guide Book is our step towards empowering our most important influencers- The Electricians. While we have started our empowerment programme in the East, we plan to take it pan India in the coming months. We plan to launch the Guide Book in all regional languages soon to empower the electricians nationally.”



About Century LED:

Century LED Ltd is a forward-looking LED lighting solution provider with the vision of being one of the top three organizations in this sector by 2020. Headquartered in Kolkata, it strives to understand the needs of the customers and offer solutions that are best in class, consumer-centric and delightful. Headed by Mr. Aniruddh Kajaria, Century LED plans to  bring about a significant revolution in the LED lighting market through its breakthrough in sales service and easy user interface. Century LED with their brand MAGIK, encases its vision to “TRANSFORM SPACES.” The products in the MAGIK LED range has been carefully crafted and designed to cater to the everyday needs of the consumers. With easy to fit products that come in varied shapes and sizes, wattage and colour temperature, each product seamlessly finds its place in your home.

MAGIK is unique in the lighting industry to enter the market with the help of three solid foundation pillars: Manufacturing at its the state-of-the-art facility at West Bengal where every single product is crafted carefully under the supervision and scrutiny of our technicians. Thus ensuring that our products offer the best quality services at the most reasonable prices.

Marketing that focuses on enhancing the consumer’s experience with a wide range, thoughtful product design and prompt service; Monitoring through a world-class Laboratory and Design Centre which helps deliver consistent and continuous performance.

Thus making the MAGIK Experience more than about Products & Services


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