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Malini Banerjee Emerges as Powerful Voice of Empowerment

By Trisha Saha :- Multilingual singer – song writer Malini Banarjee reasleased her self-composed Bengali song ” Aami Haarte Raji Noi ” that talks about a woman and her victorious fight against sexual injustice and domestic abuse at Topcat CCU on August 7, 2019 .The chief guest of the of the evening was renowned jute revivalist, Mrs International Classic 2018, Chaitali Das, and the guest of honor was one of the most versatile musicians from our home soil Mr. Amyt Datta. They were joined by renowned musician Sidhu.
In the beginning Malini Banerjee tells us that her song ” Aami Haarte Raji Noi” was inspired by a personal experience. She was in a serious relationship which unfortunately ended in violence. The song inspires women to trust their instincts and pave their own path.
” Aami Haarte Raaji Noi” also brings together a bunch of musician like Bodhisattwa Ghosh who arranged and performed guitar duties, while Aakash Ganguly was on bass, Gaurab Chatterjee on drums and Sudipto Paul on keys.
Overall it is a great work of Malini Banerjee to transform her inner demons into strength and provide a voice for wome who have been prey to sexual assaults and domestic violence. The song has been already uploaded on YouTube please go ahead and check it out.

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