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Masai School- A Military style coding school to open campus in Bihar

Masai School, a seed-funded military style coding school, today announced its setting up of a campus in Patna, Bihar. Masai School offers its flagship Full stack web development program, designed to train and mould learners into skilled and job ready professionals. Learners are enrolled for free and pay the course fee at a later date post bagging a high paying tech job. The program is open to any individual keen on becoming a Full Stack web developer. The inaugural batch is scheduled to begin in the month of October 2019. Applications to enroll for the program are now available on the official company site.

Founded by Prateek Shukla, former co-founder of Grab house, Masai School is a military style coding school which offers a 24 week intensive full-stack web development program, based on the 9-9-6 intensive training i.e. 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week. This holistic program includes 1000 hours of hands on coding, 100 hours each of soft skills training and building mathematical skills, all focused towards creating a job ready workforce. The only eligibility criterion for aspirants to apply for the Masai School program is to have cleared 12th standard. No other degree or programming experience is required for this program.

Prateek Shukla, Co-founder & CEO, Masai School said, “At Masai School, our vision is to build a highly-scalable, outcome-oriented college alternative in India, by investing in students. Today, the demand for skilled workforce is on the rise, and organizations are giving priority to skill-set rather than educational background. However there exists a wide skill gap that is a potential growth deterrent for employability. Each year, thousands of engineering colleges churn out lakhs of graduates, but the reality is that not even half are job ready. It is this obstacle that Masai School is here to address. We believe that focused skill development is the way forward. Our tailored course structure will help students learn skills relevant to industry needs.”

Prateek further adds, “Masai School is not an ordinary coding boot camp. Its core focus is to make students disciplined, hardworking and better programmers. In short, our focus is on holistic learning to make our students desirable for all the tech companies. Students are given an experience of working in a corporate set up along with mastering their coding skills for 12 hours a day. Additionally, they are also given the opportunity to interact with industry experts through knowledge exchange sessions, further enriching their learning experience.”

Masai School began operations in the month of June 2019, in the city of Bangalore. At present, Masai School has 56 students and plans to graduate 500+ students in the next 10-12 months.

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