Max Fashion Organizes A Resplendent Eve Of Poila Baisak

By TUNISHA BANERJEE AND ARISHA DUTTA:- Max , fashion brand of the Landmark Group is the ‘leading fashion brand’. It pioneers the latest fashion at amazing prices in the country, thereby offering the shoppers a vast choice with a splendid international fashion and quality. Max, celebrated the eve of Poila Boishakh in a very special way at Diamond Plaza Mall, Nager bazar, Kolkata on the 14th April, 2019. The fashion brand had exclusively organised a dance performance by a large number of college students from 8-10 colleges of Kolkata to deliver greetings and celebrate the onset of ‘ Noboborsho’ in Bengal. Honourable Chief Guest Shri Bratya Basu was present to grace the evening. Rajib Mukherjee, Regional Head, AVP East and Central of Max Fashion was also present to brief the media for the evening.

Shri Bratya Basu highly appreciated the evening and wished everyone a very ‘Happy New Year’ and also congratulated Max Fashion for arranging such a graceful event where the students from different colleges performed and enjoyed the eve of the New Year with an energetic dance followed by. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rajib Mukherjee of Max Fashion also added ,”Poila Boishakh is a very exciting time for the region,and we are very pleased to celebrate the New Year in Bengal in an exclusive way “.

On this gracious evening some of the questions asked to the chief guest,Shri Bratya Basu by the reporters were :

Q1: Do you think that the charm of ‘Poila Boishakh’ is still within us, the Bengali community?

Shri Bratya Basu : Yes I think that the charm still remains and marks a greater significance within the Bengali community. Yes, it’s true that the concern about Bengali culture, and the language is really awestruck since the origin of Poila Boishakh and halkhata marks a deep relation with Bengali literature. As 15-20 years ago, there was a great impact on literature particularly corrected with Poila Baishakh.

Q2: Do you think that the touch of modernity and our traditions have brought about changes in the celebrations of ‘Poila Boishakh ‘?

Shri Bratya Basu: Not just the Bengali’s and their New Year even the Marathis or the Tamilian’s on their first day of the year are found to be grounded or rooted on their culture. There are traditions, there is modernity but there is no collision between the former and the later.It is evident when we go through any international events, the kind of presentations portrayed before the program of course signifies the local culture among the community. Particularly in Bengal, the people are grounded with mentality as in the modern gen, a person without computer or internet usage is considered as ‘illiterate’.

Shri Bratya Basu on his gracious presence, has clearly confined his ideas on the values of modernity and it’s fusion with our traditions which highly marks the charm and existence of ‘Poila Boishakh’ in applicable to the present contemporary world.

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