MediBuddy-DocsApp to celebrate National Doctor’s Day with their campaign “#DocYouRock”

MediBuddy-DocsApp to celebrate National Doctor’s Day with their campaign “#DocYouRock”

It is a deeply discussed and well-appreciated fact that the role of the medical community, especially the doctors,in these unprecedented tough times of the Coronavirus pandemic has been exemplary and a lifesaver in many ways. Termed as the frontline warriors, and rightly so, the doctors are trying their best to safeguard the health and lives of Indians, under challenging circumstances.

Doctor’s Day gives us a great and appropriate opportunity to express our gratitude and support to all the doctor warriors. This Doctor’s Day, MediBuddy-DocsApp, India’s largest digital healthcare platform has launched their latest campaign #DocYouRock to celebrate the work of our diligent doctors.

The idea of the campaign is to involve as many people as possible to express their appreciation for and to the doctors. Every participant stands a chance to win exciting gift vouchers. Many individuals have already come forward expressing their gratitude towards doctors by updating their profile picture with this special frame on Facebook. Individuals have also taken to their Instagram and Twitter accounts and expressed their experiences with doctors who had helped them in the time of need with the campaign hashtag “#DocYouRock”.

Mr. Satish Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, MediBuddy-DocsApp says, “The last few of months have been stressful for everyone. Amidst restrictions, healthcare could have been significantly crippled, had we not possessed the support of our incredible healthcare professionals. They are constantly pushing boundaries for themselves by being available – virtually and even at times, in person, to ensure that people are not deprived of medical help. With our campaign, “#DocYouRock”, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all such heroes.”

Apart from showering the doctors with ‘thank-yous’ DocApp-MediBuddy will also show appreciation by showering doctors with gifts worth Rs 2.5k.

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