Meeting Held by Technical Supervising Staff Association of WBSEDCL & WBSETCL to press their Demand for Pay Commission Held at Bidyut Bhavan

A meeting was held at Vidyut Bhaban main gate Technical Supervising Staff Association on the demand for constitution of “Pay-Commission” and immediate implementation thereof for the benefit of all the working Employees of WBSEDCL and WBSETCL as well as pensioners of these two companies and for some specific demand of Diploma Engineers of WBSEDCL & WBSETCL on Wednesday, 19, July, 2017. Their demands included :-1. Induction post of Diploma Engineers in WBSEDCL & WBSETCL should be as like as otherpower sector of different state-tin companies of different States of India, Government of India. Public undertaking companies (like NTPC, NHPC, Power Grid Corporation/DVC ) and Government of West Bengal . In this score Directive o f Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (dated 5.5.2014) and Directives of 6ucation Department (Technical), Govt. of India (dated 11.02.2015) should be implemented without ally delay and first proyrotkan of Dipiroma .Erigirieers-stroutd be Ass’rsta-Tit -ErrghTeer Wit3S-E-DCL & WBSETCL and others. There should not be any upper limit for the promotion of Diploma Engineers.

  1. Name of induction post of Diploma Engineers needs to be unique and to be-Junior Engineer only in WBSEDCL & WBSETCL.
  2. Considering huge growth in both infrastructure and customer along with increased expectation of best quality of Power as well as un-interrupted & better services throughout the State of West Bengal, number of Customer Care Centers to be increased as well as Sub-Division Office to be Re-opened for better monitoring of HT line. Expected post of Diploma Engineers are to be increased and to the designated post for -Diploma Engineers must be filled by Diploma Engineers only, passing out regularly from the Polytechnic Colleges.
  3. To extend better services to the people of West Bengal and to develop the quality of service as well as execution of different project works taken by the Govt. of West Bengal for development of the State in defined time frame , regular supply of materials ancilogistic supports are essential’.
  4. A proper transRarent, scientific transfer policy should be introduced immediately for healthiness of the Companies.

The meeting was addressed by Sri Satya Ranjan Sarkar, General Sectary, Sri Sanjoy Chakraborty, President and the leaders of different Divisional Committee of Technical Supervising Staff-Association W.B.S.E.D.C.L. & W.B.S.E.T.C.L. Regd. No. 28249 (Affiliated to All India Federation of Power Diploma Engineers) and Sri Subir Bhowmick, the Hon’ble Chief Advisor, TSSA & Hon’ble Advisor All India Federation of Power Diploma Engineers.

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