Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive Live to enthrall the ‘City of Joy – Kolkata’

After a grand success in Chennai, Hyderabad, Thrissur and Bengaluru, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive Live now reaches Kolkata – the capital of West Bengal and the ‘Cultural Capital of India’. In the past, Luxe Drive has been successfully conducted in various cities of India enticing the participants with its exceptional consumer centric approach and now is all set to entice the city of Kolkata with its luxurious and dazzling experience. The 2018 Luxe Drive live is based on three exciting pillars of Adrenaline, Gourmet and Music, providing the participants a holistic brand experience. Patrons witnessed a fun filled evening with India’s most recognized and engaging brand in the Music industry – MTV. The event took place on 24th & 25th March 2018 at Aquatica Water Park, Kolkata.

Patrons received an opportunity to drive the fascinating range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the specially designed tracks. Professional racing drivers displayed the technological prowess and luxury quotient of the cars. Adding an exciting element to the initiative, Mercedes-Benz hosts MTV Sessions, which brings together some of the supremely talented artists across genre to create a perfect weekend for participants. Keeping participants’ convenience and feedback, Luxe Drive Live has been specially scheduled from 14:00 hours till 22:00 hours on both the days so that they can enjoy the experience to its best. Luxe Drive Live also boasts of more self-drive zones with extended drive duration for the participants. In its endeavor to provide a perfect blend of luxury and exclusive culinary experience, Mercedes-Benz India associated with celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar for some epicurean delights for patrons coupled with exclusive workshop on Gourmet and food photography.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “We are continuously creating new avenues of customer engagement and delight towards winning the hearts and minds of our patrons by providing them the best of the brand’s offerings. Kolkata also known as ‘City of Joy’, is a growing luxury car market and has a keen affinity towards luxury & elegance and it gives us immense pleasure to bring unique customer engagements like Luxe Dive Live to this city. In 2018, Luxe Drive evolves into ‘Luxe Drive Live’ with several new and industry first initiatives. Through these events, we get the right opportunity to deepen our relationship with existing and potential customers and also showcase what the brand stands for.”

New in 2018:
New Timing: Mercedes-Benz becomes the first automotive brand in the country to introduce an exciting large scale evening drive event under flood lights. Luxe Drive Live engrosses its participants with Live Music, Adrenaline and gourmet.
Revised Timing:
Saturday – 14:00 – 22:00 Hrs
Sunday – 12:00 – 22:00 Hrs

Adrenaline: Adrenaline as a pillar is fabricated to give a holistic product and brand experience to our prospective customers. With this key principle, Luxe Drive Live enhances the drive experience by adding more self-drive zones with extended drive duration. To increase the drive experience and product exposure for all our SUVs, Mercedes-Benz also has a specially designed self-drive zone dedicated to experience the GLA & GLC.
Self-Drive experience of our NGC product portfolio
Self-Drive experience on a specially designed off-road track for GLA, GLC & GLE 250 d, GLE 350 d & GLS 350 d
Pre-safe demonstration in the C-Class and E-Class
Innovative car displays consisting of a range of the new product launches and brand shapers
One display car to be accessorised to showcase Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Luxe Drive Live & MTV Sessions: Music is a high attention grabber and is capable of influencing reach in the country. Keeping this in mind, Mercedes-Benz created an extra pillar for this extravagant gathering to provide participants an electrifying experience and a memorable weekend. As an industry first initiative, Mercedes-Benz India has associated with MTV for MTV sessions – a series of live music gigs that showcase the work of today’s hot acts and presenting some of the supremely talented artists across genres.
Gourmet: Gourmet has been the most successful engagement pillar for Luxe Drive over the years as it presents a perfect blend of luxury and lifestyle. Mercedes-Benz continues
its association with Chef Ranveer Brar for the initiative and he will personally travel to all locations, plating a unique gastronomical experience on both the days of the event. He will be engaging the Participants with a new and exclusive workshop on Gourmet and food Photography.

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