Midnight Independence Day – Rise of Patrioism in Young Generation

With the golden words of patrioism by dignatories from Sonarpur Uttar Constituency there was a patriotic rise at 14th August,2017 midnight at Garia Station C 5 Bus Stand.

The programme organised by Shri Amitava Dutta,President,Sonarpur Uttar Constituency.

Present dignatories are MLA Firdousi Begum,Councillor Shri Bivas Mukherjee, Papiya Halder and so on.

Patrioism in young generation being injected with an auspicious dance performance by Smt.Kakali Tewari Bhattacharya of Nrityasree Kalakendra and her team.With the voice of Poly Chakraborty & other singers the event got a extra mark of patrioism.

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