Mon Art Gallerie presents ‘Mythical Paradigms’: The Recent Works of Jagannath Paul

Mon Art Gallerie  is pleased to announce the opening of  Mythical Paradigms’, a solo exhibition of the Recent Works of Jagannath Paul with the theme of Bond of Love Series, from 9th September 2017 – 9th of October 2017  .


Mrs.Kalpana Poddar inaugurated the Exhibition in presence of the Artist Jagannath Paul,and the owners of the gallery Manju Sethia and Pooja Jain along with some other eminent guest.


Jagannath Paul’s art articulates the belief that certain creative principles exist eternally.  These principles are preserved in the collective consciousness embodied in myths which somehow capture the essence of these underlying thoughts and ideas.  Idiosyncrasies of time and place prove to be ephemeral: they arise, flourish for a while and then disappear.  The dramas reenacted in Paul’s works do not.  Instead they recreate the eternal paradigms in constantly changing variations and degrees.


Art, for Paul, involves a rediscovery and a revelation of the eternal paradigms, which exist in that dimension of infinitely expanded space and time.  The very existence of this eternal transcendent realm is revealed only by the artist.  Only he has the vision, and only he has the courage to express that vision, regardless of what it may be or what it may allude to.  The artist, then, creates, or rather recreates, a bit of eternity in permanent form. The mythic or transcendent faces – beautiful and filled with rapture – that exist in Paul’s notion of eternity contain a kernel of truth which, though not widely recognized, is nevertheless manifested in the cycles of every human life.  Artists express their essence in the way they create: the more in tune they are with themselves, the closer they will come to expressing that essence coherently and clearly.  Paul’s works appear not only to express his subjective essence but also recreate or, more accurately, re-actualize one of the mythical patterns that have served as models for human existence since time immemorial.


Jagannath Paul’s images are not strolls through cloistered sanctuaries of art.  He makes uncompromising demands.  He expresses freely and demands viewers go eye-to-eye with his art.  He demands unflinching openness in full view of painful contradictions. Essentially, he demands that we re-examine our assumptions.  That Paul is skilled is beyond doubt:  he creates images with material sensuality, tactility and great atmospheric possibilities.  He triggers a sense of associational free play in the viewer’s mind and becomes a catalyst for a web of correlations.  This painstaking, artisan like approach to his art is a manifestation of compositional intensity coupled with an imagination which is detailed and unconventional technical skills, especially with regard to the treatment of the human face.


Jagannath Paul’s has a mixed of Artworks to be exhibited which is based on Charcoal & Acrylic on Canvas, Bronze Sculpture & Metal Sculpture.


According to Ms.Pooja Jain “Jagannath is a very talented and hard working artist. His painting can strike a positive feeling in the hearts of the viewers”.


About the Gallery: Mon Art Gallerie was started in 2006. Since then, they have had 23 exhibitions by artists from all over the country to show case their works. Our shows along with paintings have also included exclusive sculptures, installations and prints. There have several shows curated by significant contemporary curators. We now aim at exhibiting Indian art in the International Galleries. Our first International show was in Hong Kong at the Visual Arts Center in March 2008 where over 70 paintings where displayed. We take pride in our reputation as a friendly and accessible gallery which offers quality contemporary art and advice on all aspects of buying and collecting. We have exhibited works by well known masters such as Jogen Chowdhury and Badri Narayan as well as a host of new and upcoming talent. Located in spacious surroundings in the heart of Kolkata, Mon Art Gallerie through its exhibitions have achieved considerable critical and commercial success.

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