MOTHERHOOD : A story about coffee getting cold

12th April,2019,Kolkata, By AAINDRILA DEY : Imagine a long table with a mix and match set of chairs all
around the ends and sides, crowded in. Imagine a mostly grown family,and an almost grown two
youngest, learning in to talk,face to face,without a cell
phone or tablet in sight! There are silly conversations and serious ones going on, with one missing because
she is working graveyard shift and was not available.
HOOD DAY,every year, on April 11. This was marked
by two events in India in which UNICEF played a very
important role. The theme of 2019 NSMD is “Midwives
for Mother’s”. The theme is selected every year by the
members of White Ribbon Alliance India(WRAI). They
arrange for several activities, increase awareness and
organise full-scale campaigns throughout the country.
The goal of these campaigns is to ensure that every‐
one has the right to live and has a safe motherhood,
eliminating the pre and post pregnancy risks.
The major precautions you need to follow while
walking on the divine path of Motherhood-
1) Breast Feeding Hygiene.
2) Nutrition During Breast Feeding : Because it isn’t
only you who is feeding on the food you take!
3) Take care How you move.
4) Intercourse During pregnancy.
Here’s To All The Moms….

Motherhood is learning to let go of control
It’s an identity change.
It’s learning to love your new body.
It’s Rediscovering Wonder and seeing everything
as an adventure.
Motherhood doesn’t take breaks.
Motherhood is selflessness.
We know it’s hard but it is just a reminder that you
are the world. You are the world that those little
ones revolve around. You are their nurture,their
home, and their comfort. You are everything to them,
and we hope even on your hard days you know
how special you are.
Specially to your little people.

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