MOU Signing Ceremony between Actor Studio School of Communication, Kolkata and Ramoji Krian Universe, a unit of Ramoji Flim City, Hyderabad

Actor Studio School of Communication, Kolkata and Ramoji Krian Universe a unit of Ramoji flim city, Hyderabad, signed a MOU today at The Gateway Hotel, EM BYPASS for conducting various courses in the field of Event Management & PR, Film making, animation, journalism etc. These courses are for short period of time i.e. for 3 months with an exclusive 7 days hardcore workshop at Ramoji film city. However, planning is going on to launch Diploma and Degree courses soon.

Important points which are mentioned in MOU are:

1] The Student of Actor studio will get an opportunity to study at RKU for 7 days Certificate Course on Event Management and PR.
2] The certificate for this crash course will be issued by RKU
3] Actor studio will launch short term courses in filmmaking, animation, journalism, content development, cinematography, VFX, Corporate communication, Advertising for duration of 3 months and during this tenure student will get the opportunity to undergo a 7 days certificate course with RKU.
4] RKU will provide accommodation, food and Ramoji flim city tour for all students free of cost.
5] Actor Studio will pay the certificate fees on behalf of the student.

Bollywood Actor, writer and Producer Mr. Vivek Vaswani was present while the MOU was signed by Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury (Dean RKU) and Mr. Abhishake De Sarkar (Founder Director Actor Studio (OPC) Pvt Ltd). “In the changing dynamic situation one should get training in skill gap area so that they are ready to contribute to their respective industry, this MOU will look forward to generate industry ready professionals”, said Mr. Sarkar


Ramoji Film City (RFC), which has been at the very forefront of the Indian celluloid industry, has now taken it upon itself to create future professionals for the country’s showbiz. Ramoji Krian Universe (RKU), a joint venture between RFC and Krian Media, is all set to be the game changer in academics. With a host of industry-trained mentors and an enviable infrastructure, RKU stands miles ahead of its competitors.
Spread across 2,000 acres of land, the film city was established in the year 1996 by the Ramoji Group. The campus has four sets of hotels which include a luxury one and a comfort one. There is a total of 156 gardens inside the campus. The Film City produces more than 100 films per year. It is home to ‘Symphony’, which is Asia’s leading Sound Engineering Studio. No wonder that about 1.5 million tourists visit RFC every year.
Prof. Chowdhury said, “The idea of RKU is uniquely different because we are trying to create a perfect blend of theory and practice. The learners after learning the concepts will immediately apply the same in the professional world. This is in view of the fact that RFC itself provides multiple opportunities in the domains of films, newspapers, events, hospitality and tourism.”
RKU is currently offering a bunch of industry-oriented courses in the challenging domains of media, design, art and management. From filmmaking to animation, from journalism to content development, from acting to cinematography, from graphics to VFX and from corporate communication to advertising; RKU boasts of catering to the needs of all and sundry. The courses have been designed not only to orient the prospective learners for the industry but also to prepare them for higher studies in the concerned fields

We are fearless dreamers and passionate professionals, we are constant collaborators and love to push boundaries of technology and we are committed to our mission. We do business worldwide and know people’s need and we know that idea is no one’s monopoly so we execute it as fast as we can. Our overseas education consultancy (Advent Education) background has being our foundation since 2005.

Our Milestone 2017
1] Rush Hour with Sunny Leone on 31st December 2016 at Aquatica
2] We have co- produced 2 Bengali feature film in 2017,
A) 61 No Garpar Lane Directed by Ipshita Roy Sarkar
B) Amar Apanjan Directed by Raja Chhanda
We are living in an age of unprecedented human progress. What seems impossible one minute is a reality the next. Technology revolutionizes the way we interact with the world, and culture is constantly rewriting the story we tell ourselves. But no matter how drastically the world changes or how fast we progress, we are always human at our very core. We are still essentially emotional creatures who thrive on connection.

That’s why we put people at the center of all we do. Of course, we’re informed by data, strategic insights, and platform possibilities, but what truly inspires us are the common experiences that bind us all. We take our three core practices—strategy and intelligence, marketing and advertising, and platforms and experiences—and harness them to build meaningful human connections in the name of a brand.

Abhishake De Sarkar says Actor Studio School of Communication is our attempt to empower students to make an impression in the world of entertainment, media and events and change it for the betterment of our society.

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