Music and Trailer Launch of Aatwaja

Atanu Bose who has directed many movies and mega serials and now he is back with ‘Aatwaja’. After creating a stir with “Black Coffee” , he has shot another movie “Biplob Aaj O Kaal” which is now in the post production stage. Aatwaja talks about relationships lost and found and how it impacts lives around.
“Aatwaja” stars Jaya Prada, Kaushik Sen, Koel Dhar, Saheb Bhattacharya, Rayati Bhattacharya, Swagata Basu, Supriyo Dutta and others in various roles…
Koel Dhar plays Aditi who is a girl from Nepal and a person who leads a life very colorful and filled with fun and music. At times she is spendthrift and extravagant !Not exactly having a grip on her ways and style towards life…
Jaya Prada plays a legendary actress Tanaz, who has an early life which is very critical and interesting when looked from a family purview .She is a stalwart in her field of work and stays away from mediocrity…
Kaushik Sen plays Mayukh Sen, who keep himself away from all public visibility and leads a life of a loner in the hills of Lava. He is into wild life photography and creates exclusive matter for foreign journals…
Rahul, being played by Saheb Bhattachrya plays the character of a journalist who puts things into places or say side by side to curve out meaning to the various sub plots of the movie “Aatwaja”.
The Movie is majorly about a search . Aditi, searches her true roots via happenings and incidents which makes the scripting truly interesting and Rahul joins hands in her search. Yes, there is a angle of soft corners between the two good souls.
Director Atanu Bose opts shooting in the hills to bring the much needed overtones that are necessary for the graphical screenplay .
Anupam Roy is composing music for Aatwaja.
“Atwaja” is being presented under the banner “Visual Dreams” mentored By Pradip Seth is releasing on 6th July’2018

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