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Aakankha Pictures Presents “BRITTER BAIRE”

Produced by Ramesh Chand Singhal

Story Screenplay and Dialogue:  Sudeshna Chakraborty

Director:  Narayan Chatterjee



‘Britter Baire’ looks at the various relations that buds as well as dies. The relations involve different peoples as well as nature. ‘Subarna’ is a beautiful forest amidst the mountains in North Bengal. Ramen Barua, the new O.C joins his new post. His world is his wife Shakuntala, his son Joy and his sister Mou. Everyone falls in love with Subarna and a special bond slowly takes a strong shape making Joy an ardent nature lover and Mou being in love with a local adivasi boy Monglu who helps her to rethink and rediscover her life.

Birsa is a local stone merchant. He also has another identity. Meanwhile, a Uranium mine is discovered in that forest area that creates turbulence. What follows is the destruction of life creating an agitation against the destroyers.

Stay put till the release of ‘Britter Baire’ to know what happens to ‘Subarna’.

Through the story of ‘Britter Baire’ we would like to spread a few important messages.

To attract special attention of each and every person for forest conservation.

To remind people that a tree has life just like us

To conserve the natural habitat of wildlife and wildlife itself

To be kind towards the tribal people whose sustenance depends on the jungle.

To provide a better life to the ‘Toto’ tribe

To provide employment in the wind and solar power harvest industry without destroying the forest.

Music : Sumit Roy

Executive Producer :  Pranatosh Halder  ( Babu)

Asst Executive Producer :  Sutapa Roy

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