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Flavours of South East Asia at The Orient

Address : City Centre Saltlake, E Block, 4th Floor Sector I  , Kolkata -700064

Contact No – 9051477177

Chef –Ghanyasham Das


Flavours of South East Asia now come alive at The Orient, a speciality restaurant by Ambuja Neotia. Located in Salt Lake City Centre, The Orient will offer cuisine from all over South East Asia (15 Countries), from Hong Kong, Phillipines, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Java, Bali, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and our own Kolkata cuisine Tangra.

With a seating capacity of 94 people, The Orient is located on the Fourth Floor at City Centre Salt Lake. The interiors have been designed by Vivek Singh Rathore of Salient.

The menu too has been worked out accordingly with an array of oriental fare like Appetizer, Dim Sums, Live Sushi Counter, Soups & Salads, One Pot Meals, Jumbo Pot for Family Sharing, Main Course, noodles, rice, Desserts and Oriental Teas (Jasmine Hearts, Osmanthus Lily, Lemongrass Green Tea and Vanila caramel clove cinnamon with Orange Peel).


The menu too has been worked out accordingly with an array of oriental fares which are directly flown from various Cities of South East Asia. The buffet (Lunch) will be typical Orient style with Appetizers, Dim sum & Soup will be served on the table. Sushi, Salads, Main courses, Dessert & Teppanaki ice cream will be in spread


The Orient comes inspired by the wonderful and increasingly popular oriental cuisine. The restaurant is warm and welcoming in its décor and offers authentic oriental fare using exotic vegetables and ingredients ( Wakame, bonito flakes, takuan, Terriyaki sauce, Sake , Mirin, Kikkoman Soy, Black beans, Semijji, Shiitake, Enoki mushrooms, Miso paste)


Business Head Speech :


Mr.Nitin Kohli



The Cool Journey of *The Orient*


Throughout Oriental history the use of a fan has played a significant role in society and ceremonial traditions. Importance of an Oriental fan far exceeds it’s ability to keep people cool. It was used extensively for  social and court activities.


At *The Orient* we have depicted this

ancient tradition suited to modern taste, in the form of tin flaps, which line the entire ceiling of the restaurant, making one enter a neo-oriental space of chic modern wok and pot cooking.


*The Orient* transcends boundaries of coolness in look, feel, taste, smell and above all appetite!


Enter 4 Oriental zones – the restaurant where live sushis like Mirin Maki asparagus, Prawn Uramaki dragon roll or crab sticks are rolled. Inviting sounds of teppanyaki blades are heard – but this time whipping up different flavors of fresh delectable ice cream.


Move into an Oriental hand crafted zen lounge serving everything that the Far East is known world over for.

Balachung Kwai with crisp octopus, crushed chilli and shallots and the Gai Sai Takrai Chicken with Thai herbs among many more.


The Chinese deck serves you lemon grass hookahs and soya nuts under a natural umbrella of stars.


The terrace is exclusive for private gatherings and serves fresh live kitchen buffets!


*The Orient* introduces Pot Belly meals  such as The Saigon Chicken Bowl with Black Pepper, Vermicelli noodles in scallion oil from the Vietnam and Teriyaki Meat with Sticky Rice, wok tofu, ginger and spring onions.

An awe inspiring modern menu, still maintaining a strong essence of Kolkata Chinese highlights.


It offers an attractive live Oriental buffet smartly priced at 550 AI on weekdays and 625 AI on weekends to make you a regular client while the ala carte section has a wide range range that will make your tongue dribble and mouth water. *The Orient* also introduces a wide variety of mock meats made of soya and 100% vegetarian. The

recipes give the newly converted lot the original forgotten flavor !!


Experience *The Orient*…….now serving at City Centre I – Salt Lake!!


Incase you want to interact with Mr. Nitin Kohli, The Chef or need any further inputs for any food story you are working on, please feel free to touch base.

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